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RoRo Shipping Companies Australia | Trusted Shipping Agent


Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines (WWL) is a RoRo carrier with an extensive global network. It was formed in 1999 after a merger between a Swedish company founded in 1934 and a Norwegian company dating back to 1861.

About WWL

This company services 32 trade routes across six continents, and ships around three million car equivalent units per year. If you’d like to transport cars to or from Australia with WWL and need a shipping agent to take care of the full operation, look to TSL. We’re a highly experienced Melbourne-based booking agent who can easily arrange international car shipping from Australia with WWL on your behalf.

What Is RoRo Shipping?

When you ship goods as RoRo, your cargo is driven or rolled straight onto the vessel for transportation. This is different from container exports and imports, where the consignment is packed into a metal shipping container and then lifted onto the ship. It also differs from bulk freight forwarding, where loose items like grain or liquid are transported unpackaged.

Roro Shipping Companies Australia

With RoRo, the shipping agent arranges for your vehicle or vehicles to be rolled onto specially designed vessels via ramps. The items are then fastened securely, all ready for transportation. Once the ship has reached its arrival port, the cargo is rolled off and taken to its final destination. If you need to arrange international car shipping from Australia, TSL is on hand to take care of this task for you. We are an experienced booking agent working alongside the best shipping lines worldwide in order to provide our excellent service.

What Cargo Is Suited To RoRo Shipping From Australia?

  • Any motorised vehicle (e.g cars, lorries, motorbikes, tractors and cranes)
  • Any cargo that can be carried using a trailer (e.g. boats, caravans, motor homes or heavy plant equipment that runs on tracks)

WWL’s Fleet

WWL’s full fleet is around 130 vessels strong. Over 60 of these are RoRo ships able to transport cars, trucks, rail wagons, breakbulk cargo, agricultural machinery and rolling equipment.

WWL’s RoRo Vessels

The company’s RoRo vessels include Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTC) which can carry up to 6,600 CEUs (car equivalent units) and are up to 200m long, as well as Large Car and Truck Carriers (LCTCs). These are longer than PCTCs and have a higher ramp and deck capacity. Mark IV and Mark V vessels are specially designed to carry heavy equipment and breakbulk cargo as well as vehicles. Lastly, High Efficiency RoRo vessels (HEROs) are more advanced vessels that combine the features of all the other ship types.

International Shipping from Australia with WWL

WWL trade routes link Australia directly to the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, New Zealand and Polynesia. The company has offices in Adelaide, Brendale, Brisbane, Fremantle, Kewdale, Laverton, Melbourne, Newcastle, Port Kembla and Sydney.

Exporting a Car from Australia with WWL

When exporting a car (or a fleet of cars) from Australia, there are a quite a few international shipping lines available to you. Depending on a range of factors such as your destination and consignment size, WWL may well be the best service provider for you. TSL is here to help you choose the most effective service among the various shipping companies available.

About TSL: Professional Freight Forwarders

TSL Australia is a Melbourne-based shipping agent with connections in all the right places. We’ll work alongside the best international shipping lines and RoRo shipping companies in Australia to provide you with the best possible shipping agent service. We’re not just any freight forwarders – we are experienced professionals working with a wealth of knowledge acquired over a number of years.

What We Do: International Freight Forwarding Service

TSL is a market leader in all aspects of international freight forwarding, customs clearance, logistics, warehousing, and delivery. Our experience as a top shipping agent is a product of many years’ direct operational involvement in freight forwarding throughout Australia, China, south-east Asia, Europe, and America. We understand the full range of logistics services required by today’s global businesses and offer an effective, customer-led service to meet this need.