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Projects and Case Studies

TSL Australia was established by a team of experts in international transportation services. We are experienced professionals working with a wealth of knowledge gained over several years. We have one aim: to transport goods quickly and efficiently.

Our HQ is based in Melbourne Australia with a Branch office in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. We have years of experience in Project logistics.

We service all major sea and airports in Australia and Malaysia including remote areas and also bulk ports.

Our Project expertise include:

  • Factory Relocations
  • Solar Power Farms
  • Power Plants
  • Motor Vehicles, Yachts and Boats
  • Infrastructure equipments
  • Dairy and Agriculture farming equipment logistics
  • Commodities projects
  • Marine Survey and project planning
  • Break Bulk &RoRo
  • Project Logistic Handling – complete services, Clearance & Transportation.
  • Port and Terminal heavy lift equipment handling
  • Heavy Lifts Transportation – Oversized & Overweight
  • Land & Coastal transport within Australia and Malaysia

1. Liebherr Slotter Machine

Commodity: 1 SET of Superstructure Slotter machine and parts
DIMS/WT: 2007 LIEBHERR Slotter Machine 1x 142ton Superstructure plus parts and accessories Total 179 ton 505 CBMs
Port of Loading: Port Kembla NSW Australia
Port of Discharge: Shanghai China
Scope of Work:

  • Used Machine was all loose at site yead, hired Marine Surveyor to attend to site work, each piece had to be dimed and itemised
  • Application for oversize permits and escort services
  • Conduct shipping consultations on method of transport either SOC loading parts and rest Breakbulk or RoRo. Final methods dismantle machines boom and cutter parts and transport via RoRo, 1x Main Unit RoRo plus MAFIs Breakbulk. Crane loading at site 6 extended SEMI/low loaders used.

2. 4x John Deere Cotton Pickers

Commodity: 3x 7760 units and 1 x 9996 Unit plus Spare tyres and parts
DIMS/WT: John Deere 3x 7760 plus 1x 9996Cotton pickers and Parts3 Units and Parts 86.68 tons/579cbms and 1 Unit and Parts 18ton/127cbms
Port of Loading: Brisbane Australia
Port of Discharge: Tianjin China
Scope of Work:

  • 4 machines transported from regional Queensland approx. 1500km to be shipped by RoRo and MAFIs
  • Loads planning, packs and labelling
  • Application for oversize permits and escort services

3. Farm Rotary Dum Dryer Machine and parts

Commodity: 1x Rotary Drum Dryer Machine and 2x 50 cubic round bins and Parts
DIMS/WT: Unit one: 7.86 x 3.00 x 3.149m Weight 10tons, Unit two: 9.18 x 3.00 x 3.00m Weight 10tons, Unit three: 15.30 x 2.00 x 2.528m Weight 25tons, Total 234cbms plus 8x 40ft Open tops
Port of Loading: Tianjin China
Port of Discharge: Brisbane Australia
Scope of Work:

  • Breakbulk via Swire to Brisbane port for 3 x Breakbulk pieces and 8x 40ft shipped to Townsville port delivery to Home Hill 1300km North of Brisbane
  • Crane hire and discharge at site
  • Under-hook transport off BB vessel
  • Application for oversize permits and escort services

4. Drill Rigs

Commodity: 1 x Sandvik DE880 Truck Mount Exploration Drill Rig and Parts
DIMS/WT: 2x 40FR OOG Weigh 10.812 ton and 15.3 ton
Port of Loading: Brisbane Australia
Port of Discharge: Vladivostok Russia
Scope of Work:

  • Application for release for seizure by customs with court orders as cargo was wrongly seized by customs over sanctions
  • Transport cargo from Seizure depot to yard for rework
  • Steam cleaning and re-loading
  • Marine surveyor attending loading work
  • Liaised with Maersk with re-work as flat racks were also seized by customs originally
  • Application for oversize permits and escort services
  • Pack and labelling