Need to arrange some breakbulk shipping and don’t know where to start? Put your trust in TSL. We are an experienced and professional freight forwarder with the expertise, knowhow and contacts to organise great-value breakbulk shipping for you today. We’ll organise every part of the process – including customs clearance – as part of our end-to-end logistics service.

What Is Breakbulk Shipping?

Breakbulk refers to any cargo that is loaded individually onto a vessel rather than being transferred onto a ship in a shipping container. It might be driven or towed onto RoRo (roll-on roll-off) carriers, or it could be placed in boxes, bags, crates, drums or barrels then lifted on.

Breakbulk Shipping

What Kind Of Cargo Is Breakbulk?

Breakbulk cargo is the heavyweight stuff. It’s the bulky, tall items – the huge pieces of machinery, the vehicles and the motor homes. Some examples of this type of consignment are:

  • Motorised vehicles such as cars, lorries and tractors
  • Cargo that can be using trailers such as yachts, caravans and rolling heavy plant equipment
  • Agriculture machinery such as fertiliser spreaders and verge cutters
  • Heavy machinery and tools
  • Power generation items such as generators and turbines
  • Mining equipment like conveyor belts, drilling rigs and mine roof supports
  • Steel and other metal products

RoRo Sea Freight Forwarding

RoRo is the safest, fastest and quickest way of transporting breakbulk cargo via the ocean. With RoRo, cargo is transported by rolling or driving it straight onto the vessel. It enters the vessel via a ramp and is then fastened securely before transportation. Once the ship has arrived at its destination, the cargo can then be rolled off again. RoRo is used to transport motorised vehicles (for example cars, lorries, motorbikes, tractors and cranes) and any other cargo that can be carried using a trailer (such as boats, caravans and heavy plant equipment that runs on tracks).

TSL’s Full Professional Service

Breakbulk shipping is a delicate mission; it’s an intricate process involving a number of different parties. For the operation to run smoothly, freight forwarders must be qualified to manage customs clearance, damage risk, delay penalties, missing connections and other variables. TSL has a wealth of experience in handling breakbulk freight forwarding and will complete the task with the utmost care and expertise on your behalf.

How TSL Can Help You

TSL is a freight forwarder based in Melbourne. We can help you export goods to Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, Europe, the US and beyond and provide a full end-to-end logistics service. We excel in all areas of imports and exports and are here to ensure your produce arrives at its destination – worldwide – quickly and efficiently. We can handle any consignment, including goods that are valuable, delicate, heavy, oversize, time-sensitive and urgent.

As part of our comprehensive sea freight forwarding service, we can also organise a number of other services such as warehousing/storage, packing, distribution, DDU & DDP delivery and inland travel. To find out more about TSL’s services, please fill out our Free Freight Review and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.