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Are you hoping to transport heavy machinery to or from Australia via the ocean? TSL is here to help. We’re a Melbourne-based freight forwarder offering a comprehensive heavy machinery shipping service that’s designed to make your life as easy as possible. No matter what you want to export or import – and whatever weight it is – our expert team will take care of it on your behalf. Our freight forwarding services includes customs clearance, so that your goods get through the border without any delays or complications.

What Counts As Heavy Machinery?

Some examples of heavy machinery that we can help you transport overseas are:

    • Agriculture machinery such as fertiliser spreaders and verge cutters
    • Farming vehicles like tractors, excavators and bulldozers
    • Power generation items such as generators and turbines
    • Mining equipment like drilling rigs, conveyor belts and mine roof supports

Heavy Machinery Shipping

Shipping Heavy Machinery With TSL

When it comes to sea freight forwarding, heavy machinery can present a number of challenges. Items such as bulldozers, excavators, graders and trenchers are not only heavy – they’re also bulky and cumbersome. Not everything can be inserted into a shipping container to be stacked up with all the others – sometimes it’ll have to be dismantled or transported another way. Thankfully there are a number of sea freight forwarding tools to aid the freight forwarder in transporting heavy machinery overseas.

How Will My Heavy Machinery Be Shipped?

The method of transportation for your heavy equipment all depends on its dimensions and weight. Once your item(s) have been assessed by our teams, we’ll decide the best way of getting it onto the vessel for shipping overseas. Below are some of the methods that may be used by TSL to carry out your heavy machinery shipping operation.

RoRo (or roll-on roll-off) is usually the simplest and most cost-effective method for heavy machinery shipping. It can be used for any item that rolls, or can be pulled along on a trailer. The equipment enters via a ramp and is then fastened securely before transportation. At the destination port, the cargo is rolled off again.

Shipping containers may be used by TSL if your equipment exceeds the RoRo height limitation (around 14ft) and will fit – or can be dismantled to fit – inside a container that is 40ft long and 8.5ft tall. High-cube containers are also an option; these give an extra foot of height.

Flat racks are shipping containers without sides or lids. They’re often used for heavy machinery that is too tall to fit into a container 9.5ft high. Extra care is taken to secure equipment being transported this way, since it will not be protected by the metal walls of a container during transit.

Lift-on Lift-off (LoLo) refers to cargo that cannot be driven or towed onto the ship, and is too bulky to fit into a shipping container. It is also used when a vessel has no storage in its hull. Cranes are then used to lift the cargo onto the vessel at the port terminal, and to shift it on arrival at its destination port.


And That’s Not All!

TSL is a freight forwarder offering the full gamut of logistics services, including customs clearance for easy entry into your destination country. As well as organising your heavy machinery shipping operation for you, we can provide a wide range of freight forwarding services to assist you. Need somewhere to store your goods for a long or short period? No worries. Looking to arrange onward travel to a different part of the country? Just talk to us. Our end-to-end logistics service covers a range of options to help you and your business out today.