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With so many aspects of day-to-day business details to attend to, many Australian companies tend not to give the import and shipping transport requirements the necessary attention they need. This is one reason that most people encounter difficulty when they want to import heavy machinery or special equipment even after an auction.

To reduce expense and avoid transport problems, securing the service of shipping agents with experience and information on how to import goods and containers of all kinds is important.

TSL Australia with its team of seasoned customs brokers and freight forwarders has a network that can pick up and deliver your machinery and equipment freight from various locations around the world. We can also ensure your machinery freight successfully passes quarantine clearance in record time and without problems.

We handle everything from the routes of import to permit applications for your import permit for the machinery equipment freight and ensure that it passes Australian customs inspections. By so doing, we make the jobs of a managing director that much easier.

Depending on the destination of your machinery and equipment cargo freight, a lot goes into making sure that your goods reach the exact locations you’ve set for them in the country, be it Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, or Fremantle. The arrival of your import goods and cargo machinery at the ports of your choice anywhere in Australia in a timely manner is our duty. We transport your import machinery equipment freight with care and in perfect condition.

At TSL Australia, we don’t just serve as customs brokers and freight providers. We also act as one of the most reliable means of information you can have to meet any requirements set by the Australian government.

TSL Australia Customs Brokers Clearing Heavy Machinery at a Port in Sydney

When moving a shipping container that contains precious cargo and goods like sophisticated machinery or delicate equipment after an auction, you need Australian professionals who know the best transport routes into the country and a sure-fire way to solve any number of problems that might come with the clearing and inspections of the items.

In Australia, we are capable of providing the right answers to all your machinery and equipment freight service questions and problems.

Why do I Import a Machine? 

The import of machinery is in a way important to life in the country. As an example, people in Melbourne could choose to import and transport a car to Port Kembla, Sydney from China for a reason best known to them.

Alternatively, people in Brisbane, Sydney, or Fremantle could import machinery or parts of one from the USA because the machine or its parts currently isn’t available in Australia.

FACT: Machinery equipment freight shipping and import into the country rank as one of the top ten import goods and cargo in Australia today. Outside car and vehicle freight shipping, one area that demands the use of heavy machinery equipment is Agriculture.

It is to ensure that the assembly and disassembly of the massive influx of machinery into Australia meet all safety and use requirements that the requirements set by relevant bodies like the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, and Communications are so rigid.

Does Australia Ship All Types of Heavy Machinery Frequently?


It is for this reason that the Department of Agriculture and Australian Customs and Quarantine (AQIS) has many requirements in place when it comes to the clearing and transport of any manner of farm break bulk machine and parts.

To import machine goods and cargo, you need to adhere strictly to the quarantine protocols laid out by the Department of Agriculture and AQIS. Violation of these requirements will result in problems with the arrival of your goods and cargo machinery equipment freight. The Department of Agriculture and AQIS requirements in the country are quite high and clearing them requires a level of experience and expertise the managing director of even a big company might not yet have.

The cleaning standards are even higher when used machinery is being imported. Considering the fact that used machinery many harbor harmful substances, extra security measures are put in place here.

Whether your machinery freight cargo is a car, break bulk equipment like excavators, or even parts for an industrial air conditioning system, you need expertise and experience only a few customs brokers and freight providers can boast of. 

The reason transport of machinery equipment freight and even smaller machine parts is often challenging is that sometimes, they require special attention like quarantine, inspections, import permit, permit applications, or even disassembly, all of which are things only a few shipping experts can deliver on in any condition.

Successfully clearing the requirements of an Australian regulatory body like the Department of Agriculture and AQIS where machinery equipment and machine parts freight cargo shipping is concerned is an art we have perfected at TSL Australia. For locations far and near, we give nothing short of our best to ensure that your goods and cargo reach their destination ports in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, or Fremantle.

What Qualifies as Heavy Machinery in Australia?

Before you determine you need the expertise of professional shipping experts and customs brokers for your freight shipping needs, it always helps to know exactly what category the goods and cargo you plan to transport fall into. When you know this, it becomes easier to determine the best condition, manner, and routes through which to import them into Australia.

Even if the items are coming in from as far as the USA to Port Kembla, Sydney, the right information helps you with clearing the way by getting all the necessary import permits and where necessary, get permit applications, and subject the containers to inspections and quarantine, as the machinery equipment may warrant.

While it is always advisable to get the professional take of freight shipping providers or customs brokers on what’s what, there is a way you can generally determine if what you intend to import is classified as heavy machinery or machines.

This guide lists the various types of machinery equipment and the machines that fall in this category. It also extensively highlights details like what duty rate, import permit, and permit applications need to be in order for any import cargo or freight to enter Melbourne or Sydney. Other things like your supplier invoice must also be ready at hand to avoid delay with the machines and used machinery equipment arrival as well as reduce import expense.

For a number of reasons, this might be a tall order for most people to meet, which is why you might want to request the service of TSL Australia customs brokers. With us, you can transport your car, machines like excavators, and other heavy machinery equipment smoother, because we sort all requirements to make freight shipping to any destination in Melbourne, Fremantle, Sydney, and Brisbane faster.

Our transport company pays attention to the way and manner your import containers enter Australia, which is why when they arrive by boat or air at your ports of choice, it is clear that they have received great care and are in commendable condition.

What Country Does Australia Import Machinery From?

As a nation, Australia carries opens its ports to and carries out machinery equipment import exercises with virtually the rest of the world. This means that you can import machine parts and bulk machinery equipment from any destination on the planet!

An avenue like this makes it easier for your company to capitalize on major machinery auctions in various locations across the globe. However, that is only if you have the right resources at hand to leverage this opportunity. Our customs brokers work with a freight shipping service that has extensive experience working with local companies to help them truly benefit from machinery auctions.

Our wide network helps us access any destination like the USA and the Asian continent more efficiently than the average freight forwarding company. This means that your shipping container gets privileged access to the best routes for freight shipping service and receives the best care and attention from our agents.

So, if you want your car delivered from the USA to any number of ports across Brisbane, Fremantle, Sydney, and Melbourne by boat, or you even want a special Roll on-Roll off (RO-RO) service, we’ll get your car delivered to your doorstep in sparkling condition.

A great percentage of Australia’s machine demands and heavy machinery import items come from locations like Germany. By extension, you need customs brokers who know that terrain well and can secure the prompt arrival of your car or machine with an affordable RO-RO service quote and the least expense.

What’s more, when you have to deal with the Department of Agriculture and their import requirements for cleaning items entering Australia, you need freight shipping experts and customs brokers who understand the regulations at the ports of Sydney and Melbourne well. When your car or machine is coming into these ports by boat or plane, our freight company ensures that everything from import permit and supplier invoice to GST and duty rate has been taken care of well beforehand.

With us on your team, cleaning and clearing items like your car, machine, and other machinery equipment in due time become a reality.

How Much Does Heavy Machinery Shipping Cost?

The quote you’re likely to get for freight shipping machines or heavy equipment into Melbourne or Sydney will likely differ, depending on the shipping agent you consult and the exact extent of the service you want them to deliver.

At TSL Australia, the quote we offer to transport your vehicle is friendly and helps you cut back completely on all unnecessary expense.

Shipping Cost

When it comes to the import of machines and heavy equipment into Australian ports, where we excel is in quarantine clearance. This is important because only a few countries in the world maintain the high cleaning and sanitary regulations that Australia does. As such, not many customs brokers know their way through clearing machine items here.

As an Australian company, our experts are well drilled in the nation’s cleaning and quarantine protocols, which is why our record for customs clearance has been spotless for over a decade.

Our quote encompasses everything you need to get your goods through Australian borders so you don’t have to bother about a single thing.

Cities our logistics Service extends to include,

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Hobart

How Long do Our Freight Forwarders and Agents Take to Handle Heavy Machinery Shipping From the Origin Destination?

At TSL Australia,

The freight team and customs brokers’ network we boast can get most cargo into and out of Australian borders in less than 60 days. Dedicated to streamlining your supply chain, we also provide top-notch disassembly service you can leverage to further fast-track things.

How will the Heavy Machinery be Shipped?

Once you get in touch with TSL Australia operatives, you will be asked a few questions to determine your transport preferences for the item you want to move. Our global network is comprised of personnel with different logistics jobs, all with the same goal of getting you your shipment as quickly as possible.

Depending on your choice and the nature of the goods, we can provide,

  • RO-RO or Roll-on, Roll-off shipping,
  • Lift-on Lift-off Shipping,
  • Shipping Containers, and also
  • Flat Rack Container Shipping

We prioritize your comfort and you can put your machinery in our care with the assurance that we will deliver it in as-is condition.

So, speak to a TSL Australia representative today!

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