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According to the latest stats, electronic customs clearance provides various opportunities to the companies willing to take back control of the flow rate of their goods. Such sort of things enables customs brokerage to strengthen transparency and compliance and save a good amount. The government has already put a lot of effort into logistics and supply chains and it seems that the trend is not going to stop this year.

There are many customs brokers in Australia that remain in the headlines for good corporate responsibility practices and financial outcomes. But this is completely a different story when it comes to trading dual-use goods to some countries. Any type of breach of the Federal Act on the implementation of international sanctions is not a holdup affair. The legislation anticipates around five-year fines or imprisonment.

In this respect, regulations in Australia are counted the tightest in the world, with customs brokerage facing the risk of trade ban or being blacklisted in case they fail to comply with the deliveries and orders. On the other hand, those who strictly abide by the export regulations are enjoying the benefits from general export licenses. Simply being familiar with the customs clearance regulations is not enough yet. They also need to produce relevant certificates and licenses along with the supply chain. In terms of export, individual middlemen and customs brokers are of no help, only a company can be held answerable for a violation thus accountable for compliance.

Who are Customs Brokers?

No matter what country you’re conducting importing or exporting shipments from, you’re bound to encounter different facets to this particular activity. Now, while some people opt to push through these challenges and handle matters by themselves, others choose to leave such delicate affairs like customs clearance in the hands of competent professionals. It isn’t that handling your import business from start to finish all by yourself is a bad idea; that’s actually good for you!

However, doing something like this, especially without prior knowledge and experience in the field tends to open you to making mistakes you might have been able to easily avoid. The thing with import is, once an error occurs, things could get seriously complicated. At the very least, you could end up delaying your cargo at Customs for days or even weeks!

This mightn’t mean much to you if all you’re shipping in is a personal effect or two. The same can’t be said if you’re importing materials that are essential to your business. Having efficient customs clearance services drastically reduces the chances of such mishaps occurring. So, what exactly is a customs agent?

What is Customs Clearance?

To fully understand the importance and relevance of a customs agent, you must first know what terrain it is they act on and see how that affects you.

Customs clearance is basically the process by which goods and services seeking entry into the country are granted such access after it has been determined that they sufficiently meet the standards set by the country.

Without gaining access through customs, your goods cannot be allowed into Australia for consumption. Knowing what is customs clearance is highly relevant here.

What do Licensed Customs Clearance Agents do for your Company?

The first thing you need to know here is that not just anyone can be a customs agent.

In a lot of ways, the answer to how customs clearance agents work is entirely dependent on the task you have at hand. While it is always advisable (and strongly recommended) that you enlist the aid of a customs agent from the very beginning, it is not an absolute must. As such, you could hire an agent at any phase of the importing process.

If you hire an agent from the very beginning, then you have the opportunity of having them handle everything from the freight shipping method you employ to the route of entry of your cargo into the country.

Similarly, if you get the services of a brokerage firm only when your cargo gets stuck in customs, the firm or individual could work you through the necessary process to ensure the easy and speedy release of your wares.

Duties of a Good Customs Broker

This personnel performs numerous tasks in order to provide your shipment a smooth flight. Here is a list of tasks that a licensed customs clearance agent perform for you:

  1. Classification of goods according to the commodity description system. They inspect the product data and make sure that it matches the rules and regulations.
  2. Sees all the payment-related issues and the tax on the consignments.
  3. Plan the whole documentation for the movement of the shipment between the countries.
  4. Signs all the papers by using the power of attorney from the client.
  5. Ensures payment of necessary Australian duty, GST, and fast clearance of the goods through all department customs and speed up freight delivery.
  6. Always keeps knowledge regarding the changing laws and regulations in different Australian states and other countries to facilitate faster freight movement. This is a continuous process and they do it by attending meetings, expert gatherings, and also by taking the help of different journals. This is why an Australian customs broker can strongly influence customs entry, clearance, importation, and the overall customs process.
  7. Tracking the location of goods. They use devices like GPS to make sure that they always know the location of the goods.
  8. Suggesting methods of freight shipping for goods and also the best routes (sea freight or air freight) through which the shipment should be carried.

TSL Australia provides the customs brokerage service in Australia for easy customs clearance. We can provide you quality customs clearance services for the safe movement of your goods. The clearance expertise we offer the items that require customs entry always comes at a fair price.

What Service does Customs Brokerage Offer in Australia?

Customs act is a delicate affair anywhere. Yet, international trade is impossible without moving through customs. Every freight forwarder**/ must ensure that imported goods meet all requirements set by the Australian Border Force, even though the COVID 19 protocols have made customs control even more challenging.

Be it through sea freight or air freight, should a parcel or import violate any customs regulations or import declarations, you can expect significant delays. The service of forwarders who have an intimate understanding of transport requirements within Australia’s borders and overseas becomes crucial to your business and company here.

To that end, a licensed customs broker ensures your international trade is streamlined by ensuring,

  • Proper transport and reception of your imported goods by sea freight or air freight within Australia’s borders and overseas,
  • Making the arrangements for every necessary inspection your goods might require,
  • Attending to and effecting the prompt submission of every relevant document,
  • Where necessary, liaising with local authorities to anticipate and eliminate any possible complications to the delivery of your wares, and
  • Bringing your cargo to you, after it has been cleared by all necessary quarters.

The simple truth remains that this personnel is simply indispensable when it comes to getting cargo into Australia. What’s more, your choice of customs clearance experts directly influences customs value and your customs clearance charge.

So whenever you’re ready, you can look up one of the best freight shipping companies and brokerages in operation today and discuss whatever you need in detail.

Keep in mind, information affects all aspects of clearance. So, once you name us to act on your behalf, we provide you a customer service few importers ever get. No matter what freight forwarding option you go for, be it sea or airfreight to Sydney and beyond, we attend to your taxes, GST, open every door, and see any person to satisfy our customers.

Why do I Need a Customs Agent?

When importing cargo Australia wide, whether, from Sydney, Brisbane, or Perth, Australians need customs and logistic service they can rely on. This affects everything from shipment fees, to the speed of entry, declaration, quarantine requirements, and global logistics.

The government doesn’t require you to have a licensed customs broker to bring any parcel into the country. In addition to this, there’s nothing that this agent can do that you can’t essentially handle, right? If this is so, why waste valuable resources on enlisting the aid of a customs broker?

To start with, even though no law mandates that you use a broker when dealing with customs clearance, having one in your employment is always guaranteed to pay off for you in the long run.

The primary reason for this is because importing a parcel and service Australia wide is very serious business.

As an example, how familiar are you with GST, Australia post, and clearance, in general?

Do you have an email address or contact number you can use to get relevant details with the Australia post?

As an importer, attempting to bring in goods without the aid of this vital go-between means that you have to personally deal with and wad through a maze of highly complex customs clearance rules and regulations. Keep in mind that a single mistake here could lead to your parcel being delayed extensively by Customs or even turned around altogether, in extreme cases.

More than anything, this is why as customers, you need the services of a customs broker.

Sea Freight Customs Brokerage

The Australian Border Force, following government instructions set several fees, duty, and quarantine requirements for various freight routes if you want to clear your personal or business effects through customs.

As such, you need an individual or entity who knows about this duty and fees and can make sure that your freight doesn’t delay due to any Australian regulations. Your customs clearance agent must know which department handles what postal or post at the port.

Customs brokerage is especially important with sea freight as it is largely what determines how fast your freight can move from one port to the next.

Do I Need a Customs Broker Australia Wide?

The answer to this is largely dependent on how familiar you are with import-export regulations for air freight and sea freight in the country. Be guided that even when you have in-depth knowledge on things like declaration and quarantine the service licensed customs brokers provide you with the necessary customer service that helps your freight shipping on a global scale.

How to Get Quality Customs Brokerage

No matter what freight logistics you want to employ, you need top-tier customs brokerage to handle any declaration or quarantine requirements that might be set on your import and personal effects.

Good customs brokerage complements freight service. Whether you’re in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, or Perth, the process of how to get a customs broker in Australia is remarkably simple. In fact, you might not even have to jump any hurdles to do so. All you have to do is pick the right freight shipping company.

With the right shipping company, your cargo doesn’t only get where it needs to be at the perfect time, your business gets the benefit of a reliable and complete team. Shipping agents like TSL Australia possess a complete logistics team that carries a customs agent, among other personnel to ensure your cargo gets to you without worry.

How Much Does a Customs Broker Cost?

Even though customs clearance is very vital for your air freight and the service doesn’t do you much good or help your trade if the fees are high or delivered at too great a cost. With our staff, you get a dedicated team that works for more than you pay for. From the moment your shipment arrival at any national or local airport in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, or Perth, our staff ensure our clients encounter no difficulty and move your import through customs in a few hours. Then, we simply get in touch with you by email or over the phone.

The fee our operatives charge for all customs brokerage service highly competitive. We understand that the hours dedicated to clients’ satisfaction are required to achieve exemplary results and we provide those hours gladly. With our management, what you pay is nominal, whether we provide personal or commercial service to clear your imports.

How do I Get a Customs Broker?

When it comes to bringing in (or taking out) goods and services in Australia, there’s always something new to learn and incorporate into your shipping exercise.

Shipping cargo across the border in Australia isn’t to be taken lightly in the least. For this reason, there are quite a lot of rules and regulations that govern the entire process you must be aware of.

The best (and only) way to handle these concerns is to make yourself as familiar with the customs clearance process as you can.

While some people experience a manageable level of difficulty doing this, others find this a significant challenge.

Customs Clearance Services

Australian customs, import declaration, and choice of freight forwarders impact resources like time and money. Owing to the fact that details like import declaration must be tendered throughout Australia, not knowing how Australian customs work can result in a waste of time and money when you use less than efficient clearance agents. With Australian customs, proper customs clearance is non-negotiable. Even with seemingly small personal effects, customs agents exercise a great deal of care when approaching Australian customs.

Why Choose TSL Australia for Your Customs Brokerage?

When duty calls, experience counts. Over the years, we’ve been able to gain an in-depth understanding of the way the import and export process works in the country.

Furthermore, we operate an extensive network that enables us to guarantee the swift clearance of your cargo.

As Australia’s leading customs agents, TSL Australia can also facilitate the speedy delivery of your shipment to Australia from any part of the world and vice versa. To ensure a smooth import and export experience, we always encourage our clients to get in touch with us before initiating the movement of the cargo. This is because when you contact us and let us in from the get-go, we are able to more efficiently put all the right things in place to ensure smooth sailing for your shipment.

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