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Sometimes, people find that they need to ship their car or auto vehicle cargo from where it is currently to a final destination port. Whether the vehicle is far away with car manufacturers or with a close friend, TSL RORO car shipping is what you need to get to see to the prompt delivery of that precious cargo.

With the finest boats and ships in the ocean, freight service for your vehicle to or from any destination in the world is an easy feat for us. We have a special touch when it comes to the shipment of precious equipment items and cargo through the terminal for customs clearance services.

The way we operate and the method we use to execute our service process for your car and vehicle cargo makes us one of the foremost shipping service carriers and providers in the country today.

Even though Roll on Roll off (RORO) services are popular with many people, that isn’t to say that it’s the best shipping method or service option for your car, breakbulk equipment cargo, or heavy machinery like trailers, tractors, and trucks.

So, even before worrying about vehicle cargo details like terminal customs clearance, shipping lines, and the most affordable destination fees for your destination port, first, consider one shipping option after the other carefully. 

Here’s what you need to know about the Roll on Roll off or RORO shipment option for shipping a vehicle and equipment.

What Does RORO or Roll On Roll Off Shipping Mean?

Over the years, RORO shipping has become increasingly popular with any individual or company who wants to move their breakbulk, machinery equipment, and auto vehicles cargo like trucks, trailers, buses, and so on overseas or across distant locations within the country.

One significant reason for the popularity of RORO services is that it is much cheaper than any other way of shipping these valuable machinery equipment items. An affordable quote relieves a company to an extent when they have to pay other charges like destination fees at the port their machinery and equipment delivery boats or ships dock, all rights reserved.

The term Roll On Roll Off shipping or RORO is basically what is used to describe the unique method and way that carriers provide this type of shipping services.

Typically, when using the more conventional means of shipping items and equipment cargo, your vehicle is first secured in shipping containers before being loaded up into the ocean freight vessel or ship that will move it anywhere you want in the world.

However, as the quote of any carrier for this type of shipping services proves a bit cost prohibitive for most people, an option had to be devised to save on cost. One of the alternatives now favoured in place of cargo container shipping in Australia is Roll On Roll Off or RORO, for short.

How RORO Shipping Works

When you contact a trusted carrier like TSL Australia to help with the RORO freight shipping of your vehicle cargo, basically, with the aid of ramps, we drive your car or vehicle straight onto the vessel deck of the freight ship that has been designated to carry it and secures the wheels in place right there on the deck.

TSL Australia RORO Shipping Vessel docking at a Terminal in Sydney

Our freight shipping vessels have decks that can transport cargo hundreds of cars and vehicles at the same time. When we drive the car onto the vessel decks, we have put in place a stern ramp and side ramp to ensure that your vehicle suffers zero dings and scratches during the loading process.

As the RORO freight carrier is moving by sea, the ramps on the deck also serve as a lock to keep the wheels of your cars and vehicles firmly attached to the deck through any weather as the ship or vessel moves from port to port.

We give you a port closest to you to drop of the vehicle cargo and ensure that the destination port is also one you can easily access. We see to it that the “roll off” is just as convenient for you as the “roll on”.

Is RORO Shipping Safe?

One thing that springs to mind with most customers when Roll On Roll Off shipping or RORO shipping is discussed is the safety and wellbeing of the freight cargo aboard these special RORO vessels and carriers, especially in comparison to container shipping. 

Many people are of the belief that cars, vehicles, and equipment that use this method of freight shipping will inevitably suffer damage to the body, whether while in transit or at the ports when the roll on and roll off process is being carried out.

As such, many opt for container shipping, favoring the shelter that 4-sided containers will offer their cargo of cars and vehicles from the elements. Many EU car owners believe this is best as nothing will touch their vehicle here.

There’s no disputing the fact that Roll On Roll Off or RORO shipping comes with its risks, but the same is true for virtually every other method of carrier shipment, even container shipping. However, when you partner with a shipping company with considerable expertise like TSL Australia, you can eliminate these risks.

We offer a unique RORO service touch that rivals even the best container service for a pocket-friendly quote. 

Even with a low quote, our shipping vehicles and vessel can move the most expensive cars and machinery equipment to any destination terminal in the world and perform customs clearance without a single scratch. 

Also, every vessel we use for cargo shipment service is climate controlled, meaning that your car, motorhome, trailers, and trucks receive the best care in our hands. 

No matter how expensive the car or precious the motorhome, you don’t have to use a pricey container service quote and customs clearance service to get it to that destination terminal. 

Container service is great, but it’s not the only cargo transport answer available to you. You can trust our shipping vehicles and vessel to do whatever needs to be done to keep your car safe and deliver it for customs clearance at any port terminal well within schedule.

Even when our quote has a low cost, we don’t let that define the level of service we provide our customers.

Once your car and vehicle equipment cargo is aboard our deck, we will see it to any port in the world safe and sound.

What is the Difference between Shipping RORO and Container Shipping Service?

If you don’t have much knowledge to fall back on when it comes to shipping cargo like a car or vehicle across long distances, you might be wondering what the best course of action for your cargo is.

A freight service like TSL Australia offers you both container and also Roll On Roll Off shipping and freight service. 

What’s the difference and which one is the best answer for proper vehicle shipping?

Ultimately, the type of freight service you choose to go for depends on what you want to achieve and the current condition of your cargo, that is, your car or vehicle.

For instance, when you use containers to ship your cars and vehicles cargo, you are afforded several perks. Some of these include being able to transport some personal cargo in the container, in addition to car or vehicle. 

Container shipping is also ideal for shipping your car or vehicle if you don’t want it driven at all or it has some driving problems. The containers will simply be opened and your cargo of cars and vehicles will be lifted into them at the origin port. The same action will be repeated at the final port.

However, container shipping attracts a higher cost and quote for the exclusivity it affords your cargo of cars and vehicles. Also, there’s really no telling when your cargo will arrive at the port.

On the other hand, while you can’t ship personal cargo with your car or vehicle using RORO service, Roll On Roll Off service helps save cost with the affordable quote it offers. When you use carriers like TSL Australia, you also get a fixed date of arrival, meaning you know exactly when your cargo will be available for pickup at the port, unlike when using containers to move your car and vehicle.

Do I Need to Prepare my Vehicle for Shipping RORO?

As one of the fastest and most convenient ways of transporting vehicles like cars, trailers, trucks, and even breakbulk equipment, Roll On Roll Off shipping is a great choice for moving your cargo. 

However, you must ensure that you’ve made all the necessary arrangements so that the process goes smoothly.

Before the boats and RORO vessels moving your vehicle pick it up, it is always advisable for you to make all preparations beforehand since this is unlike shipping with containers.

Luckily, this isn’t a complicated affair. 

Here’s the TSL Australia 3-Step Process to Cover all You Need to do

  1. Make sure that all the vehicles you’re moving are completely empty.
  2. Ensure that your car and vehicle don’t contain personal belongings or accessories. This is very important as it plays a strong role in influencing how fast the cargo can move through the terminal customs clearance.
  3. Conduct a thorough maintenance check on your vehicle. Remember, this is a RORO service, meaning that your vehicle has to at least be able to move for the loading and unloading phase. Also, do a check for fluid leaks to make sure that everything is intact. Leave only very little amount of gasoline in your gas tank. Safety is of paramount importance, so make sure that you don’t leave your battery connected.

How Much Does RORO Shipping Cost?

Now that you know all about using RORO boats or a vessel to move your vehicle, the next step understanding what it cost to get this kind of service.

The quote you get for moving a vehicle via Roll On Roll Off is often directly tied to the cargo length. 

At TSL Australia, we establish an affordable rate and charge it per metre of your cargo length. Outside cargo length, the distance the boats and vessels are travel is also important. But through it all, we ensure the overall cost is affordable and provide a service that exceeds it.

Why Trust a TSL Australia Vessel?

With so many ships and boats freight providers to choose from, why select ours as your roll-on roll-off provider?

A major reason we’re a great choice for any company or individual looking to ship vehicle items is that we believe in providing every client that comes our way with the 3 Cs of freight logistics,

  • Cost-Efficiency

We put you and your ease of affordability first, which is why we make our services pocket-friendly and well-suited for your cargo length.

  • Comfort

As trained freight forwarders we remove much of the hassle associated with typical Roll On Roll Off services. With our arsenal of boats and ships, we do everything possible to make your shipping activity a blissful matter.

  • Competent Service Delivery

From handling customs clearance at every port terminal to insuring the transport of your cars and vehicles, we go above and beyond in guaranteeing your complete satisfaction with our services.


Our speed and extensive insurance coverage sets us apart from the rest. Contact TSL Australia for a comprehensive RORO logistics quote today.

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