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RoRo shipping

TSL offers a reliable RoRo shipping service anywhere in the world. This type of freight forwarding is ideal for wheeled freight such as cars and machinery, and in many cases costs much less than sending goods in shipping containers. TSL’s RoRo offering is part of our comprehensive sea freight forwarding service, which incorporates customs clearance, warehousing, packing and distribution according to customer needs.

What Is RoRo Shipping?

RoRo (or roll-on roll-off) means the cargo you wish to export is rolled or driven straight onto the vessel. This differs from transportation in shipping containers, where the load is packed into a shipping container and then lifted on with a crane. Your cargo enters the vessel via a ramp and is then fastened securely before transportation. Once the ship has arrived at its destination, the cargo can then be rolled off again.

RoRo Handling Equipment

Roll Trailers

Roll trailers

The workhorse of our equipment fleet, roll trailers have been developed for cargo up to 140 tonnes. Roll trailers are simply towed on and off the vessel. Cargo types: all kinds of breakbulk from machine tools to crane counterweights.

We also offer specialised railed roll trailers for rail cars and extra low profile roll trailers for particularly tall cargo.

  • Cargo weight< 140 MT
  • Cargo length < 28
  • Equipment length 20’-80’ m
  • Equipment width 2.5 m
  • Equipment height 0.44-1.1 m

Multi-Purpose Bogie (MPB)

Multi-Purpose Bogie (MPB)

MPBs are especially suitable for long, narrow cargo up to 140 tonnes and typically used in pairs. Depending on the cargo, they can be fitted with rails or connected together to create a lighter duty version of a Samson trailer. Cargo types include: rail cars, fabricated beams, generator sets and transformers.

  • Cargo weight < 140 MT per set
  • Cargo length 6-40 m
  • Equipment length < 3m/platform
  • Equipment width< 3m/platform
  • Equipment height 0.94-1.1 m

Samson Heavy-Lift Trailer

Samson heavy-lift trailer

One of our original designs, ideal for breakbulk up to 220 tonnes. They are available in 8, 12 and 16 m versions, ensuring there’s always a perfect fit for your needs. Cargo types include: transformers, generators and turbine rotors.

  • Cargo weight < 220 MT
  • Cargo length 6-18 m
  • Equipment length 8-16 m
  • Equipment width 3 m
  • Equipment height 1.1 m

Jack-Up Trailer with Blocks and Beams

Jack-up trailer with blocks and beams

Jack-up trailers are used to handle RoRo cargo of up to 400 tonnes and are configured to suit the cargo being shipped. The unit is stowed on blocks and beams during terminal storage and onboard the vessel. Cargo types include: transformers, generators, boilers, tunnel boring machines and hydraulic press machines.

  • Cargo weight < 400 MT
  • Cargo length < 50 m
  • Equipment height approx 1.55 m



Designed for smaller breakbulk cargo which is not suited for direct stowage on a vessel deck. Customers can collect stacks of bol­sters for stuffing at their own premises. Once shipped, the receiver can pick up the loaded bolsters at the terminal in the discharge port. Bolsters are brought on and off vessel with forklift or on trailers. Cargo types include: steel plates and coils, small yachts, crates and machinery.

  • Cargo weight < 23 MT
  • Cargo width < 3.5 m
  • Cargo length 9 m
  • Equipment length 6.10 m
  • Equipment width2.44 m
  • Equipment height 0.23 m

What Cargo Is Suited To RoRo Shipping?

  • Any motorised vehicle (e.g car, lorry, motorbike, tractor, crane)
  • Any cargo that can be carried using a trailer (e.g. boat, caravan, motor home, heavy plant equipment that runs on tracks)

Transporting Cargo With RoRo

With RoRo, the sea freight forwarding operation is carried out using specially designed ships with their own loading ramps. Many RoRo ships have more than one ramp so they can load and unload cargo more quickly. They may have several decks, with some of these allocated for particularly heavy plant vehicles and machinery. The largest RoRo vessels can carry up to a colossal 6,000 cars. The decks are fully sealed and watertight to protect them from the elements and salty sea water during transit. Each vehicle is held down using straps around its wheels which are attached to securing points in the floor.

Advantages Of RoRo Shipping

There are a number of reasons why RoRo shipping is usually cheaper and more efficient than using shipping containers.

Less labour: Fewer port workers are needed for crating, packing, flat-rack loading and general port handling
Less time: Hours are saved during loading, as the shipment is rolled straight onto the vessel rather than being packed up and lifted
More efficient: RoRo vessels are designed to carry thousands of cars, which would take up more space in shipping containers

A Bit About TSL

TSL is a freight forwarder based in Melbourne, Australia, with a worldwide scope. Freight forwarding is the foundation of our business and the area in which we excel. We can help with imports and exports, transportation by road, sea or air (or a combination of all three) and customs clearance. We will customise your logistics operation to ensure your goods arrive at their destination – anywhere in the world – with steadfast care and as quickly as possible.