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For people who have a strong passion for sailing, we at the TSL Australia team make it our job and business that you have your boats easily available to you wherever you are Australia-wide.

Whether you’re still attending to the details of acquiring the vehicle with boat dealers or you have a special boat or yacht in China, Canada, or the USA you want to be brought over, we offer the best yacht shipping and yacht transport services that money can buy in Australia today.

Our vast reach extends beyond Melbourne, Sydney, and the Gold Coast. Unlike many other boat shipping agencies, the scope of our network extends far beyond just interstate boat transport to or from Melbourne.

More than just offering you logistics shipping services for your boats to or from anywhere in the world, our team goes a step further by helping you capitalize on our vast yacht and boat transportation experience.

When customers choose us as their transporter for shipping boats and yachts, we provide a scope of quality trailer services that is well worth every dollar you spend in the international shipping market today. Our unique Sydney shipping logistics touch also ensures a smooth boat transport service experience for you.

Here, we answer a few questions our team of boat movers is usually met with when customers outside the Gold Coast want to engage the skills of quality boat transporters.

How to Get Superb Boat Transport Service

TSL Australia has the connections, equipment, and expertise to secure the prompt and safe arrival of your boat to Australia from anywhere on the globe. Our staff is highly professional, honest, reliable, and are always ready to go the extra mile to see to your comfort.

Our staff prides itself on is meeting all the demands of its customers by finding the best water and road route boat trailers can follow to get your boat to you fast.

TSL Australia Boat Movers Shipping Boats From the USA to Melbourne

Be it to Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, you can count on our boat transporters logistics to transport anything like speed boat shipping, catamaran shipping, and boats of all types and sizes comfortably from anywhere in the world at the most competitive market rates.

As one of the foremost international boat freight agents in the country today, you can give us a call on 613 9533 8886 or email us at [email protected] to request a free quote at your convenience.

Can You Get a Boat From China to Australia?

Right now, considering the current state of the USD, buying a boat from countries like China and transporting it into Australia isn’t only possible, but is also easy and more affordable than buying locally.

What’s more, you have even more options to choose from this way, and TSL Australia is perfectly positioned to making the buying and shipping of your boat more convenient for you.

When using boat movers to get your vehicle from China to Melbourne, the major factors you need to consider include;

  • The shipping process,
  • The season or time of year,
  • The import goods and services tax,
  • Various duties, and
  • Costs like quarantine on arrival of the boat or yacht.

When you need a boat or yacht transporter for the job of getting your prized vehicle into Australia, there is no better team for the job than the drivers at TSL Australia shipping company.

Some benefits of using our boat shipping logistics services for this task include fast customs clearance at both the origin and destination end of the vehicle shipping. We also assist you with getting the import permit you would need for your superyacht transport out of China.

Our transporter drivers have plied this route many times, and with our experience in the international boat shipping space, we have all it takes to make your boat shipping remarkably easy.

Finally, when it’s time to estimate the value of the boat transport from China, one detail you need to supply our agents with is the dimensions of the boat you want to be imported. The height of the boat is particularly important here as it influences the range of import shipping prices you will get.

For boats that are to be moved on trailers, bear in mind that you have to secure an import permit first if you want your cargo to gain admittance into the country. We offer a simple option where you can liaise with our agents to help hasten the process of getting your trailer permit. Alternatively, you have the option of applying straight through the Australian Department of Infrastructure.

How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Boat to Melbourne or Brisbane from China?

Many factors influence the price of your boat transport from China into Australia. Some of the most important ones include;

  • The dimensional weight and real weight of your boat,
  • The shipping destination within the country,
  • The time of year,
  • The type of shipping services you want to you in the transportation of the boat such as Roll on Roll off, shipping containers, flat racks, and so on, and
  • Fees like insurance.

As the boat dimensions and the type of shipping services you want to employ are still the most significant price movers when shipping your boat to Australia from China, you can expect the price of this exercise to span anywhere from AUD 3, 500 to more than AUD 6, 000AUD or more depending on the time of shipping, for a more accurate quote, please contact us via our contact page.

Where international water boat transportation services are concerned, customers often like to know what to expect from our team of boat movers in terms of the range of costs and quotes when they need boat transportation services from one country here.

Whether you’re planning to transport a boat or yacht to Australia from a foreign location like the United States of America or China, and you need costs quote, knowing the prices to expect beforehand can help you be better prepared.

Be it fast shipping or quality boat transport from China Australia-wide, or shipping your vehicle to Sydney or Melbourne from the USA, here are some of the many things to note.

Knowing Your Boat Transport Quotes

A big part of transport shipping services where the movement of boats and yachts to Australia from other countries is concerned is to know all you can about boat transport quotes and costs.

Once you have bought the boat of your choice and you want to bring it into the country, the next step becomes getting a quote of the charges for the shipment.

Whether or not you want a boat trailer provided for you also influences your quote.

Apart from stating the distance that needs to be travelled, be it from China to Melbourne or from America to Sydney, you need to also present accurate data on the overall length, overall height, and beam of the ship or yacht you want to be brought into the country.

Your preferred method of transportation for the boat also matters a lot here. Generally, your options include;

  • RoRo (Roll on Roll off shipping),
  • Flat rack shipping,
  • Containerised shipping, and
  • Breakbulk shipping

On the whole, containerised shipping is one of the most affordable means of moving your boat internationally. However, the size constraints placed on it, its use is limited to smaller boats. When shipping especially large yachts or boats, flat rack shipping is typically the way to go but these tend to be a bit pricier.

There are several benefits to knowing about all this as it can help you save on expenses during the boat transport shipping service process. As part of the TSL Australia team job description, we use our experience to enlighten you on various aspects of anything and everything that concerns your boat transportation service.

For any boat transport shipping service to work out, many items are vital. Only a team of boat transporters with vast experience can help you get import permits to bring your boats and yachts into the country at a low quote and cost.

As our customer, you get privileged access to the best drivers who use high-grade trailer vehicles and equipment on the most ideal route to see to your yacht and boat transport needs. We aim for customer satisfaction with our unique logistics touch, which is why you are guaranteed true value for every dollar you spend in the business of yacht & boat transportation with TSL Australia.

With a TSL Australia boat transporter on your team, you can work with boat dealers anywhere in the world rest assured that there’s a competent staff ready to finish your boat transportation business and get your boat or yacht home safely.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Boat from the USA to Australia?

Many reasons make getting boats from America a very attractive option for Australians. Aside from the fact that you are afforded a wide variety of options to choose from, buying these items in the US and having boat movers handle the boat delivery for you in Sydney is usually a lot cheaper than getting them here in the country.

Also, thanks to the USA Australia Free Trade Agreement (USFTA) currently in operation, you are given the opportunity to transport all boats and yachts of American manufacture into the country at zero import duty charges!

However, if the boat you intend to get isn’t an American product, you are required by law to pay a 5% Free on Board (FOB) import duty levy. Your FOB is the estimated value of factors like your freight charges, expenses of repairs to the boat as well as inland transport.

Similarly, you are expected to pay the normal 10% goods and services tax applicable to all yachts and boats based on the Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) value.

If the vehicle you’re transporting is a secondhand boat or yacht, import regulation state that you have to pay for customs inspections, the charges would rises if you will be cleaning the vehicle. You would also be required to secure the relevant import permits, which the TSL team can always help you facilitate.

All this, in addition to the dimensional and real weight of the vehicle, the shipping service you want to use to transport the boat or yacht, and the insurance price of the exercise will determine what you pay to transport your boat from America to Melbourne or Sydney.

No matter what type of vehicle you want to secure transport shipping services for, be it a boat or a yacht, and regardless of which location you want to transport the vehicle from in America, whether it is Florida, New York, or Texas, we can get it to any destination Australia-wide, even if it is Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, or Adelaide.

To secure a boat transport shipping service for your vehicle to Melbourne or Sydney from the USA, you will find our charges very competitive.

Many customers who have seen the work we do know we don’t trifle with the comfort and convenience any customer or company demands on their boat shipping job.

Our transporter drivers are highly disciplined and every trailer and vehicle your boat or yacht will be on before it gets into water is amply insured.

How Much Does Boat Shipping Cost?

As you’ve likely realised, the charges of boat and yacht shipping into Australia are subject to the influence of various general and individual-specific factors, making it almost impossible to give an exact quote without the specifics of the cargo.

All in all, the price of moving your new or secondhand boat or yacht from China or America into Australia will be at least a few thousand AUD, depending on;

  • The size of the boat,
  • Your preferred shipping method, and
  • Various expenses like insurance and duties.

Ultimately, working with the right team of boat transporters when you need boat transport logistics strongly influences the quotes you get and the speed of the vehicle shipment.

The elegant touch we add to many of the services we supply to a TSL Australia customer ensures you get nothing short of the best when you work with us.

You can request your free quote today.

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