Are you looking to ship a boat between Australia and China, South East Asia, Middle East, India and Sub-continents, Europe, USA and South America? Need a reliable boat shipping provider to help out? TSL is here for you. We’re a freight forwarder based in Melbourne, Australia. We offer a professional boat shipping service and can export or import your yacht, dinghy or cruiser reliably and for the best price possible.

Container Or RoRo?

When shipping boats to or from Australia, your freight forwarding provider will help you decide whether to use a shipping container or RoRo. This will depend on your individual requirements and circumstances. With RoRo, the boat you are transporting is rolled straight onto the transportation vessel, on a trailer if necessary. It enters via a ramp and is then fastened securely before transportation. Once the ship has arrived at its destination, your boat can be rolled off again. TSL is here to discuss your needs with you and to find the most effective import or export method according to your requirements and budget.

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Ship A Boat In A Container

Shipping containers may be used for boat shipping if your item exceeds the RoRo height limitation (around 14ft) and will fit – or can be disassembled to fit – inside a container that is 40ft long and 8.5ft tall. High-cube or extra-tall containers are also an option; these are 9.5ft tall.


  • Personal effects and other items can be added to the container for secure transportation
  • Can be cheaper, as charges are made per container rather than per item


  • More handling -> more chance of damage to your boat
  • In some cases, boats will have to be turned onto their side or have parts removed to fit in the container, which can cause damage

Ship A Boat With RoRo

With RoRo (roll-on roll-off), your boat will be placed onto a trailer and rolled straight onto the vessel. It enters via a ramp and is fastened securely before transportation. Once the ship has arrived at its destination, it can be driven or rolled off again.


  • Minimal handling (e.g. forklifting) -> less chance of damage
  • No need to fit the boat into the confined space of a shipping container
  • Secure weatherproof holds used to transport the boat


  • Other items such as personal effects cannot be included
  • Can be pricier, as total cost per metre squared will include the trailer

TSL’s Professional Freight Forwarding Service

Shipping boats is a complex operation that requires expert care and attention. Many parts of the process require specialised knowledge and assessment in order for the process to run smoothly. TSL is here to manage all areas of your boat shipping and to arrange the best-value and most-effective service.
Knowing The Freight Forwarding Industry

Thanks to TSL’s extensive knowledge of the logistics industry, we’re aware of all the little things that ensure a smooth-running process. For example, we’ll discuss with you factors that may affect your boat’s ease of passage through customs clearance – such as cleaning your boat for transit (barnacles and other organic matter should be removed to avoid delays during customs clearance). Our inside knowledge of the industry will ensure the operation is carried out for the best possible price. For example, some ports are cheaper to import into and export from than others, so opting to use them can save you cash. These are just some areas where it pays to use an experienced freight forwarder such as TSL.

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