If you need to transport machinery such as mining equipment, excavators, agriculture machinery such as tractors and forklift trucks, put your trust in TSL. We provide a fast and effective machinery shipping service to help you import and export your items between Australia and the rest of the world. We are experts in all areas of freight forwarding and offer a full range of services. We’ll ensure your goods arrive at their destination – anywhere in the world – with steadfast care, and as quickly as possible.

The Challenge of Machinery Shipping

Shipping pieces of machinery presents a number of complications due to the size and weight of the equipment. It’s not just a case of placing it into a regular shipping container – sometimes, it just won’t fit. There are a number of aspects of machinery shipping that mean this type of sea freight forwarding requires the professionalism of an experienced freight forwarder such as TSL. Here are some of them:

  • Your freight will need to be assessed according to its weight and dimensions in order to categorise it before transportation
  • Some machinery will need to be disassembled before being shipped overseas
  • Certain pieces of machinery may require permits when being exported and imported
  • You may need to hire special equipment to load and unload your machinery effectively and without damaging it
  • You may need additional insurance for some items

Breakbulk Machinery Shipping

Breakbulk refers to any cargo that is loaded individually onto a vessel rather than being placed in a shipping container for sea freight forwarding. This might be in RoRo (roll-on roll-off) carriers, or it could be lifted onto the ship in boxes, bags, crates, drums or barrels.

RoRo Machinery Shipping

RoRo is often the safest, fastest and quickest way of transporting machinery via the ocean. With RoRo, your machinery is transported by rolling or driving it straight onto the vessel. A trailer may be used if your equipment does not have wheels. The item enters the vessel via a ramp and is then fastened securely before transportation. Once the ship has arrived at its destination, the cargo can then be rolled off again.

Container Machinery Shipping

In certain cases, it may be possible to disassemble your machinery in order to insert it into a shipping container for transportation by sea. Using shipping containers rather than RoRo can be cheaper, but this will depend on certain factors such as handling costs at the port of departure and arrival. As an expert freight forwarder, TSL will choose the best shipping method according to your individual requirements, timeframe and budget.

TSL’s Comprehensive Service

At TSL, we know that sea freight forwarding is a complicated mission that takes in various different agencies. It requires cooperation and commitment from a number of subcontractors and individual workers. We have spent several years building up professional links with the best companies and people in the business in order to provide a flawless and great-value freight forwarding service. Our services include a fully professional customs clearance service so that your goods are processed through the ports quickly and easily. We can also provide peripheral services such as warehousing and onward travel.