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Import Goods From Turkey to Australia

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The international market is growing bigger than ever and Turkey is currently central to this positive development. Your business can benefit from this massive boom, too! The only thing you need is a reliable partner to help you access all that Turkey has to offer.

With TSL Australia working on your behalf, you have one of the best freight forwarders in the country opening trade route channels for you!

Our freight forwarding team has spent years shipping goods in and out of Turkey and has identified the best routes and developed all the right partnerships to make sure that your Turkey imports never suffer a moment’s delay!

Why Import From Turkey?

If you’re going to be leveraging international freight forwarding, it’s only logical to consider what your company can get out of such activities.

Because of this, some important questions you might have include;

Why should I import goods from Turkey?

What makes imports from this region worth considering over those from other countries?

We ran an extensive survey and have been able to successfully identify some key reasons why importing from Turkey can prove worthwhile for individuals and businesses in Australia.

Availability of High-Quality Products

International trade is very key to the economy of a country like Turkey. This is why, even though they produce goods in large quantities, they never overlook the quality factor.

As a result, most of the products you get from this country offer high value that’ll easily meet and exceed the expectations of your customers.

At a time when consumers have high benchmarks for products where durability, performance, reliability, and suitability are concerned, this can be an invaluable tool to have in your arsenal.

They Offer Competitive Pricing for Most Goods

As every good business-minded person knows, the more price options you can get, the better!

In this regard, Turkey thrives as the country can easily provide not only a wide variety of brand options to choose from but an above-average price spectrum as well.

What this translates to is that you’ll be able to get even more value for your money when you focus on imports from regions like this. By extension, you can expect your return on investment (ROI) to increase, helping you walk away from every import session a very profitable individual or organization!

Advancements in Technology and Factory Development

Like a few other leading countries in the world, we’ve found that, in recent times, Turkey has poured considerable resources into boosting the standard of technology and factory development that can be expected from its shores.

This means that they’re far ahead compared to many other regions when it comes to producing in a way that minimises cost yet maximises product quality. As an individual or business, this unique trait can prove very beneficial to you because capitalising on it can help streamline your financial operations and increase your profit margins.

Impressive After Sales Support

As the consumer world continues to place a great amount of focus on their journey or experience with any given product, it has become important to facilitate better ways through which people can interact with the goods and services they get.

In this regard, Turkey is arguably one of the very best. This is because most of the businesses that export goods in the country further complement that service with an impressive customer support system to match.

This means that you can have a greater level of confidence in any item you import from the country as you have a safety net you can count on if times go wrong. That gives you the much-needed peace of mind to truly invest in this market and get the best out of it.

What Can I Import?

Now that you know some of the perks businesses that import goods from Turkey enjoy, the next thing you likely want to know is what kind of goods you can ship in from this country.

You’ll be happy to know that Turkey has a very long list of products you can import to Australia with ease.

The best 5 items you can ship into Australia are:

  • Heavy Machinery Apart from Railway or Tramway (More than 119 million USD worth exported in 2021)
  • Boilers and Nuclear Reactors (Nearly 115 million USD worth exported in 2021)
  • Fruits (Nearly 74 million USD worth exported in 2021)
  • Stone and Similar Materials (More than 62 million USD worth exported in 2021)
  • Plastics (Nearly 58 million USD worth exported in 2021)

Import by Sea

Although this nation can be accessed by other routes, one of the best channels of international shipping and trade with Turkey is via sea. Considering that it’s a very sea-friendly region, you still need trustworthy freight forwarders like TSL Australia to help you unlock the vast potential of this shipping area.

Our extensive knowledge of this region is complemented with years of experience which is why we know the best ports for specific import activities from Turkey to Australia. Thanks to this, we can easily handle all your bulk, break-bulk, and RORO shipping requirements with maximum speed and efficiency!

Import From the Port of Mersin

While our reach stretches across the vast borders of Turkey, we’re currently the leading specialists when it comes to shipping goods from Port of Mersin to Australia.

Port of Mersin is one of the oldest seaports in the country and it spans over 112 acres. At the moment, it’s the pulse of break-bulk, RORO, and oversized shipping in the country.

Backed by our team’s in-depth understanding of the shipping requirements for importing goods out of Turkey, we’re perfectly positioned to liaise with your supplier in Turkey to fast-track the movement of your cargo out of this seaport.

Our cargo ships also operate a network with access to other key ports like Port of Haydarpasa, Port of Izmir, and Port of Ambarli, to mention a few.

Import by Air

In some cases, you may need speed just as much as you require cargo safety. At times like this, you should leverage the TSL Australia import air freight services.

Import From Istanbul Airport

As one of the few freight forwarders in Australia at the moment capable of fluidly shipping goods from Istanbul Airport, we can expedite your breakbulk and other large shipment arrivals in the country.

But, more than helping you import from Istanbul Airport with ease, TSL Australia can also assist you with managing all the logistics leading up to the point of getting your cargo in the air.

This includes everything from providing transportation for your cargo from anywhere in Istanbul to the airport, making arrangements for housing and storage as well as professional packaging and loading services.

As one of the busiest cargo terminals in Turkey, making an error when shipping from this airport can result in considerable inconveniences, which is why you should trust our elite team to handle this major undertaking for you.

We’re also very active in all the other major freight airports in Karabuk, Bursa, Kirikkale, and Ankara so you can always rely on us when it comes to moving goods by air out of Turkey.

Why Do I Need Freight Forwards Like TSL Australia?

Importing from Turkey is a goldmine just waiting to be tapped, that’s true. But, without the right resources, making the most of this opportunity can be challenging.

You need a major entity in the international shipping space like TSL to not only create the access between the Australian continent and Turkey you need but also guarantee the safe and prompt arrival of your shipment at your port of choice here in Australia.

If you’re not yet sure how our team can be of service to you, that’s fine.

You can reach a TSL Australia operative for an obligation-free consultation here!

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