Need to transport something huge to or from Australia? Need a sea freight forwarding company you can rely on? TSL is an expert freight forwarder based in Melbourne, Australia. No consignment is too large for us to ship – we’ll get the hugest of items to any destination quickly, effectively and for fantastic value.

What Is Oversized Cargo Shipping?

As the name suggests, oversized cargo is anything that has large dimensions in terms of weight and size. It is often bulky and will usually not fit into a standard 40ft long shipping container. Some examples of oversized cargo may be:

  • Agriculture and farm machinery such as tractors, bulldozers and excavators
  • Large vehicles like campervans, motor homes and buses
  • Aircraft, for example small planes and helicopters
  • Boats such as yachts and sailing boats

How Will My Oversized Cargo Be Shipped?

There are various ways to transport oversized cargo via the ocean.

1. RoRo (or roll-on roll-off) is usually the most cost-effective method for oversized cargo shipping. With RoRo, your item is rolled or driven straight onto the vessel. It enters via a ramp and is then fastened securely before transportation. At the destination port, the cargo is rolled off again and is ready to be driven to its end point, or is rolled onto an HGV for onward travel. RoRo is suited to:

• Any motorised vehicle (e.g. car, lorry, motorbike, tractor, crane)
• Any cargo that can be carried using a trailer (e.g. boat, caravan, motor home, heavy plant equipment that runs on tracks)

2. Shipping containers may be used if your cargo exceeds the RoRo height limitation (around 14ft) and will fit – or can be disassembled to fit – inside a container that is 40ft long and 8.5ft tall. High-cube containers can also be used; these give an extra foot of height. Your freight forwarder may opt to use shipping containers for:

• Items that fit into a standard (or extra-tall) shipping container, or can be dismantled in order to do so

3. Flat racks are shipping containers without sides or lids. They’re often used for cargo that is too tall to fit into an 8.5ft or 9.5ft high container. It’s extremely important that items being transported this way are secured properly, since they are not protected by metal walls. Flat-rack transportation is suited to:

  • Larger boats
  • Small aircraft
  • Heavy machinery

4. Lift-on Lift-off (LoLo) refers to cargo that is unable to be driven or towed onto the ship, and is too bulky to fit into a shipping container. The cargo is lifted onto the vessel using cranes at the port terminal. This method is often used for:

  • Crated oversized cargo
  • Heavy machinery
  • Non-running vehicles
  • Certain types of boat, such as large yachts

TSL: Expert Freight Forwarding – All The Extras

TSL is here to organise your oversized cargo shipping from start to finish – so why not just leave the job in our hands? We will organise customs clearance so that your oversized cargo passes through the port of arrival quickly and with zero hassle. We also offer a wide range of peripheral services as part of our comprehensive sea freight forwarding offering. These include warehousing and storage, DDU & DDP delivery and inland travel.