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Import Goods From Germany To Australia

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When it comes to tapping into imports from Germany, one of the world’s largest international markets, you can’t skip steps, if you want everything to go smoothly. So, from choosing the best import goods for you to ensuring that you have a tested and trusted shipment plan, there are a lot of things you simply have to pay attention to.

As one of the foremost international freight forwarders operating in Australia currently, TSL is the shipping partner you need to put your shipping logistics worries at ease.

Importing goods from Germany to Australia requires an intimate understanding of numerous variables like the best routes out of Germany for export shipping, knowledge of GST, customs duty, and other levies as well as the ability to move precious cargo across long distances safely.

At TSL Australia, you’ll not only find a team of shipping experts with knowledge in all these areas but you’ll also meet individuals who genuinely care about giving you and your business the services it needs to become a major player in the international market!

Top 4 Reasons to Import from Germany

Entering the import from Germany space requires that you’re certain of what to expect from such endeavours. With this in mind, here are some of the most important reasons why you should consider importing goods from this country.

–       It Offers Access to a Wide Range of New Products

As you probably already know, consumer needs are constantly changing. And, only businesses that can successfully cater to these needs can effectively secure a place for themselves in the future.

Thanks to the wealth of new products constantly being manufactured in Germany, you can give yourself an advantage in the race to meet consumer needs by leveraging importation from the country!

The access to new products you get from Germany, coupled with a reliable and efficient means of getting those goods into Australia means you’ll always be better positioned to satisfy your customer demands without hassle.

–       It Gives Your Business an Edge in the Industry

The place of Germany as one of the leading countries where you can import goods from in the world today is well established. However, many Australian businesses haven’t woken to this fact just yet.

What this translates to is that, when you take advantage of a competent freight forwarder like TSL Australia to ship goods into the country, you can get a major advantage over your counterparts and secure a place for your business as a leader in the industry.

–       It Helps Reduce Cost

One of the biggest perks of importing from Germany is that it saves your business the need to make provisions for manufacturing costs. As elements like the parts of products as well as other resources are more readily available there, the only thing that you have to see to is making the necessary arrangements to get the finished products to the waiting market here!

–       You Can Increase Your Profits and Maximise Your Sales Potential

What happens when you can access resources that many of your counterparts in the industry can’t?

What’s the outcome of being able to provide high-quality products to your customers?

How will your bottom line look if you can import from Germany economically and cost-effectively?

You’ve likely already guessed it; your sales will increase and your business will get more profit!

The wealth of imported goods just waiting to be tapped in Germany coupled with the skills and proficiency of our freight forwarding team at getting all kinds of cargo through international borders means that you can take your business to a level only previously imagined!

Importing from Germany to Australia could be the big break your company has been waiting for, and we’re right here to help you use this opportunity to the fullest.

You can get started right here!

Best Goods to Import from Germany

At the moment, there is a wide variety of cargo you can import with ease from Germany. Some of the best items you can readily import from Germany right now include:

  1. Motor Vehicles and Heavy Machinery Shipping – Germany exported more than 2.6 billion AUD worth of vehicles and machinery in 2021.
  2. Other Vehicles Apart from Tramways and Railways – Germany exported more than 2.4 billion AUD worth of vehicles and machinery in 2021.
  3. Plastic and Plastic Articles – Germany exported more than 1.4 billion AUD worth of plastic and plastic-related cargo in 2021.
  4. Electrical equipment – Germany exported more than 1.4 billion AUD worth of plastic and plastic-related cargo in 2021.
  5. Medical Apparatus and Optical Readers – Germany exported more than 896 million AUD worth of plastic and plastic-related cargo in 2021.
  6. Plastics Products – Germany exported more than 326 million AUD worth of motor parts and accessories in 2021.
  7. Articles of Iron and Steel – Germany exported more than 195 billion AUD worth of iron and steel artifacts in 2021.

Import by Sea

Although Germany is a mostly land-locked nation, it still offers a decent array of options through which you can import by sea to Australia.

At TSL Australia, we’ve spent nearly two decades importing and exporting via ocean freight from Germany so we know all there is to know about operating in this space.

Importing From the Port of Hamburg

Fun Fact: In terms of sheer container capacity alone, the Port of Hamburg ranks first in all of Germany and is second only to the Port of Rotterdam in all of Europe! Also, the port sits on over 7, 000 hectares of land and has a berthing capacity of 320 for all kinds of cargo.

With a team of freight forwarders like us at TSL on the job, you won’t encounter any problems importing any cargo of your choice from the Port of Hamburg to Australia.

Not only does this seaport operate in the confines of all export regulations by the EU, but our team also has extensive experience with the local import guidelines used at the Burchardkai terminal, the terminal exclusively reserved for container and large cargo shipping.

Other cargo seaports that we can ship from easily include;

  • The Port of Wilhelmshaven
  • The Port of Duisburg
  • The Port of Emden
  • Lubeck Port
  • The Port of Kiel

This ensures we have a wide coverage across Germany and can effortlessly ship all the cargo you want any day of the week!

Import by Air

Freight forwarding by air remains the fastest route of importing any shipment from Germany to Australia. As the speed of delivery can be what makes the difference between whether you can leave your clientele happy or displeased, we ensure to bring you nothing short of the best air freight forwarding services as well.

Importing From Frankfurt Airport

TSL Australia can help you easily access Frankfurt Airport, the busiest cargo airport in Europe.

Our disciplined and ethical approach towards carrying out our freight forwarding duties has earned us high regard in this cargo hub, helping us clear our shipments and make deliveries even faster.

What’s more, we also provide door-to-port shipment services in Germany as well. That way, you can fast-track the delivery of your goods more efficiently!

Why Choose TSL Australia to Import From Germany to Australia?

Whether it’s moving goods across international waters or performing door-to-door delivery, the best freight forwarders have an intimate and updated understanding of the best routes to follow and a deep passion for their craft.

With TSL Australia, you don’t just get the best that freight forwarding and customs brokerage has to offer but you also secure the services of a team willing to go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction!

Don’t take chances with the safety and delivery of your cargo.

Give your shipment the best care both in transport and storage.

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