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Exporting from USA to Australia by sea is a cost-effective way of transporting goods the 11,500+ km between these two countries. Although sea freight from USA takes longer than air travel – usually between 26 and 36 days – it is more versatile than air freight because of the wide variety of consignment types a seafaring vessel can carry. Whether your intended freight is RoRo, breakbulk, bulk, project cargo or container cargo, TSL is here to organise the cheapest shipping from USA to Australia possible.

Why Import Goods From USA?

Exporting from USA to Australia is a lucrative industry, with annual incoming trade from the United States worth around AU$ 34 billion per year (2018-19). Why not have a slice of the cherry pie and import goods from USA yourself? As a producer of many coveted goods and known globally for its start-ups and innovation, the USA has plenty to offer the foreign customer.

Exporting From USA With TSL

Let TSL guide you through the process of exporting goods into Australia. We are proud to be able to offer exceptional-quality services in sea freight from USA and will do our best to secure the cheapest shipping from USA to Australia possible. Our teams can help with all elements of the logistics process, from warehousing and pick-up right through to inland travel and customs clearance. TSL can ship any type of cargo, from railway carriages to personal belongings and from motor cars to computer parts.

-We’ll find the most cost-efficient way
for you to import goods from USA
-We’ll strike deals with top sea carriers
to trim down rates for your business
-We’ll specifically cater for
your company’s requirements

Customs Tariffs From USA

All goods entering Australia from overseas have certain levies and duties attached to them, such as the 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) charged by the Australian government. Certain refunds and concession schemes may apply if you’re importing particular types of merchandise. You may also benefit from exemptions, for example for certain drugs, health goods and medical aids, and cars that are destined for use by disabled people. TSL can help you ensure the cheapest shipping from USA to Australia possible according to your circumstances.

Restricted Items Entering Australia

Importing certain products is either prohibited or restricted by the Australian government. Examples of restricted items are antibiotics, cigarette lighters, pornography, pesticides, and certain cosmetics. If you wish to bring such items into Australia, you will need written permission. Those in breach of the law may be fined up to AU $525,000 and/or imprisoned for ten years. For more information, please see this information compiled by Australia’s Department of Home Affairs.

Need further guidance importing goods into Australia? You can read more about the charges associated with importing goods on the Australian Border Force website.

Handy Tips For Doing Business In USA

Business culture in the USA is similar to that of Australia, but there are also a few differences to bear in mind. Here are some tips to get you started:

– Like Australia, the USA operates with a federal system. State laws vary significantly which may affect trading
– Americans may use the English language differently from Australians. It’s usually best to avoid using humor in business meetings just in case it’s misunderstood
– Many Americans take religion very seriously, with Christians representing around 75% of the population
– The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic has impacted trading between the USA and other countries – please get in touch with TSL to find out the latest developments
– After 9/11 the US tightened all security procedures for cargo which means paperwork needs to be 100% accurate in every case – TSL is here to assist you with this!