TSL excels in transporting large items as project cargo throughout Australia, China, South East Asia, Middle East, India and Sub-continents, Europe, USA and South America. If you need to get oversized item, a fleet of large vehicles or some agricultural machinery overseas with zero hassle and for a fantastic price, get in touch with the TSL team today.

What Is Project Cargo Shipping?

Project cargo refers to any consignment that is loaded individually onto a vessel rather than being transferred onto a ship in a shipping container. These are the items whose dimensions are too large or bulky for a container. Shipping containers are usually maximum 40ft long and 9.5ft tall – and certain items, such as wind turbines, will just not fit into this space.

Project cargo shipping deals with the heavyweight stuff. It’s the bulky, heavy, tall items – the huge pieces of machinery, the vehicles and the motor homes. Some examples of this type of consignment are large motorised vehicles, yachts, caravans, heavy plant equipment, agriculture machinery, power generation tools and mining equipment.

How Will My Consignment Be Shipped?

Your cargo may be transported overseas using RoRo (roll-on roll-off) carriers or placed on flat racks, which are like shipping containers but without sides or a lid. Some items might be transferred directly to the vessel using a crane; this is called lift-on lift-off (or LoLo).

Project Cargo Shipping With RoRo

RoRo is the safest, fastest and quickest way of transporting project cargo via the ocean. With RoRo, cargo is transported by driving or rolling it straight onto the vessel. It enters the ship via a ramp and is then fastened securely before transportation. When it arrives at its destination, the cargo can then be rolled off again.

TSL’s Full Professional Service

Transporting project cargo is a delicate mission which involves a number of different parties. For the operation to run smoothly, freight forwarders must be qualified to manage customs clearance, damage risk, delay penalties, missing connections and other variables. TSL has a wealth of experience in handling project cargo freight forwarding and will complete the task with the utmost care and expertise every time.

How TSL Can Help You

TSL is an expert freight forwarder based in Melbourne, Australia. We can help you export goods to Asia, Europe, the US and beyond with our full end-to-end sea freight forwarding service. We can handle any consignment, including goods that are valuable, delicate, heavy, oversize, time-sensitive and urgent.

End-to-end Logistics With TSL

As part of our comprehensive sea freight forwarding service, we can also organise a number of other services such as warehousing/storage, packing, distribution, DDU & DDP delivery and inland travel. If you’d like to know more about TSL’s services, please fill out our Free Freight Review and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.