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Exporting from Germany by sea is by the most cost-effective way to transport goods the 13,500km between Europe and Australia. Although it takes longer than air travel – around 42 days, to be precise – it is a more versatile transportation than air freight because of the wide variety of consignment types a seafaring vessel can accommodate. Whether your intended freight is RoRo, breakbulk, bulk, project cargo or container cargo, TSL is here to organise great-value sea freight from Germany to Australia on your behalf.

Why Import Goods From Germany?

Exporting from Germany to Australia is big business, with incoming trade from this European country worth a huge AU$ 15 billion in 2018. Why not have a slice of the pie and import goods from Germany yourself? Renowned globally for its start-ups and innovation, Germany has plenty to offer the foreign customer. Its high emphasis on organisation and precision make it a great country to do business with.

Exporting From Germany With TSL

Allow TSL to guide you through the process of exporting goods into Australia. We offer high-quality services in sea freight from Germany. Our teams can help with all sections of the logistics process, from warehousing and pick-up right through to inland travel and customs clearance. TSL can ship any type of cargo, from excavators to personal belongings and from motor cars to computer parts.

-We’ll find the most cost-efficient way for you to import goods from Germany
-We’ll work hard to strike deals with top sea carriers in order to trim down rates for your business
-We’ll specifically cater for your company’s requirements

Customs Tariffs From Europe

All goods entering Australia from overseas are liable for certain levies and duties, such as Goods and Services Tax (GST). Certain refunds and concession schemes may apply for some manufacturers or types of goods. TSL can advise you on the tariffs you are likely to have to pay for your consignment.

Restricted Items Entering Australia

The import of certain products is controlled by the Australian government. These items are either completely prohibited or restricted. Restricted items will require you to have written permission in order to be able to import them. Those in breach of this can be fined up to AU $525,000 and/or imprisoned for ten years. Examples of restricted items are antibiotics, cigarette lighters, pornography, pesticides, and certain cosmetics. For more information, please click here.

Need further guidance importing goods into Australia? You can read more about the cost of importing goods on the Australian Border Force website.

Quick Tips For Doing Business In Germany

  • Business culture in Germany is similar to that of Australia, but with a stronger focus on formality, order and hierarchy. Familiarity will generally not be viewed well, so use surnames in communications and always be punctual for meetings and other appointments.
  • English is widely spoken in Germany but remember it’s always polite to check first.
  • July and August are slower months for business because of the European summer holidays.
  • Frankfurt is Germany’s main centre for international business and commerce.