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Import Goods From Czech Republic to Australia

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Centrally located, the Czech Republic may be the next logical step for you if you’re looking to expand your international market reach. And, because of the incredible industrial and production power that this geographic location holds, there’s a ready and growing market for Czech goods in Australia at the moment.

But how do you capitalize on the vast potential that this ancient and historically-rich country holds?

By taking advantage of the services of one of the best freight forwarders in Australia right now – TSL!

As one of the biggest trading partners in the world, TSL Australia has spent the greater half of the last decade building the most efficient network to enhance shipping from the Czech Republic to Australia.

So, if you don’t want to have to worry about the hassle of international shipping and customs protocol, hiring a team that’s already done all of that groundwork for you is smart.

With our team of freight forwarders and customs brokers by your side, you’ll be able to import from the Czech Republic efficiently and economically!

Top Reasons to Import From the Czech Republic

If you plan to turn your attention to the Czech Republic market, then there’s no doubt that you’ll be investing considerable capital in this venture. So, you may want to know what you stand to get out of this deal first.

Consequently, here are some things to consider.

It Relieves Production Costs

Importation is one of the few ways that you can harness the production capacity and potential of the Czech Republic to your advantage.

With an industrial might that only seems to continue increasing at your beck and call, you can relieve yourself of the need to manufacture products and simply channel all that manpower into other worthwhile prospects.

And, as you don’t have to cough up considerable amounts of money and resources to maintain a consistent manufacturing capacity, you can be more at ease and enjoy your business a little more!

It Increases Your Sales Potential

Largely because of where it is situated, certain types of goods tend to reach the Czech Republic long before it reaches Australia. However, when you have a team of professional freight forwarders at your disposal, you can open a line that helps you fast-track the entry of this cargo into the country.

The immediate benefit of this is that you’ll be able to get goods that are in relatively scarce supply everywhere else in Australia on your shelves more readily.

Such a move has the potential to not only increase your income potential but also mark you as a force to reckon with in your industry.

It Gives You Easier Access to Good Quality Products

The Czech Republic hasn’t become a major player in the international market simply as a result of its raw manufacturing and production capacity. Rather, they’ve managed to reach where they are today because their goods have an uncommon and durable quality about them.

What this translates to is that importing from the Czech Republic gives you a higher guarantee that you’ll be getting products that will easily meet and exceed all consumer expectations.

This will not only increase what value you can demand for the imported items but it’ll also serve as a feather in your cap, too!

It Gives You More Control Over Pricing

One of the best things about choosing to import from the Czech Republic to Australia is that it gives you significantly more influence over what you can demand for the goods.

This is because, when you import from this European country, you don’t have to deal with capital-intensive processes like securing raw materials and paying a workforce. Outside purchasing the finished goods, you only need to cover its freight forwarding expenses.

As a result, you have more leeway with the pricing of your goods. This gives you an advantage that many of your counterparts may not have, allowing you to gain a stronger presence in your industry.

What Goods Can I Import From the Czech Republic

While the Czech Republic has hundreds of goods you can import, at the moment, the ten (10) most popular ones are:

  1. Vehicles – Czech Republic exported more than 211 million AUD worth of these items in 2021.
  2. Machinery equipment – Czech Republic exported more than 174 million AUD worth of this item in 2021.
  3. Electrical equipment – Czech Republic exported more than 78 million AUD worth of this item in 2021.
  4. Technical and medical apparatus – Czech Republic exported more than 33 million AUD worth of this item in 2021.
  5. Wood materials – Czech Republic exported more than 23 million AUD worth of this item in 2021.

What to Know About Czech Republic Import Tariffs

As Australia isn’t a part of the European Union (EU), you’ll need to follow certain protocols for importing from the Czech Republic to a “third country”

What this implies is that you may have to deal with a significant amount of declarations, clearances, and other paperwork and documentation, depending on the nature of the goods you’re bringing into Australia.

And, to enhance the smooth movement of your cargo into Australia while minimising any unnecessary costs, you may need to familiarise yourself with Incoterms, too.

All of this might be challenging to do if you have a business to manage as well, which is why you need trusty partners like us at TSL Australia.

With our knowledge of the latest VAT and duty fees imposed on goods coming into Australia from the Czech Republic, we can accelerate the process of getting your cargo in your care cost-effectively.

Import From the Czech Republic by Air

Importing to Australia by air is the fastest and the most convenient means of getting your cargo out of the Czech Republic. In addition to speed and comfort, you may want to also consider shipping via air freight if you plan on bringing in especially delicate cargo.

With a detailed and methodical air freight forwarding service that’s second to none, we at TSL Australia ensure that you get the full benefit of flying cargo of any size into Australia.

Import From Vaclav Havel Airport Prague

This is one of the busiest airports in the country and we can help you use that fact to your advantage. Whether you simply want your shipment in Australia as soon as possible or you want the cargo to be treated with extra care and attention, our professional freight forwarders give your shipment VIP treatment from the moment we get it to the point we hand it over.

We also ship cargo out of the Czech Republic from the Leos Janacek Airport in Ostrava and Karlovy Vary Airport in Karlovy Vary.

Import From the Czech Republic by Sea

This is the favoured route of egress for large cargo. Although the Czech Republic is a largely landlocked nation, it still manages to operate some of the most active seaports in all of Europe.

What’s more, with each passing year, it continues to solidify its maritime water network.

As a group that has actively imported and exported from the Czech Republic by sea, we have an intricate understanding of the regulations guiding clearance at all the major sea ports in the country.

We readily put that wealth of information at your disposal to ensure that your cargo moves speedily and safely.

Import From Usti Nad Labem Port

This busy port sits on more than 30 hectares of land and boasts some of the finest and latest port equipment. You can move virtually all kinds of cargo from this destination, be it small, large, oversized, or even break bulk cargo.

To make the best use of the vast resources present here, you need to know your way around and be highly proactive.

With us seeing to the finer aspects of moving your cargo, you can just sit back and wait for your cargo to arrive at your doorstep or any port of your choosing!

We can also help you ship cargo from the Port of Decin, the Port of Melnik, and the Port of Praha Radotin.

Why Use TSL Australia?

Aside from how cumbersome the entire process of managing international shipping can be, you need a proficient team of freight forwarders like TSL Australia in your corner because we make the entire shipping process more cost-efficient.

The more time your cargo spends in transit, the more costs you may have to incur. But when you have an expert attending to the logistics of moving your goods, you can save both time and money without lifting a finger.

You also need a reliable team like us working with you because we excel at ensuring safe cargo delivery. It’s nearly 9, 000 miles from the Czech Republic to Australia and only a seasoned professional can guarantee your cargo will be safe and in perfect condition across such a large distance!

You still mightn’t be sure we’re the right freight forwarders for you.

Contact a TSL agent today to find out more about how we can make your shipping experience more memorable!

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