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Importing from USA to Australia is certainly big business, with incoming trade from USA worth an estimated AU$ 34 billion per year (figure from 2018-9). Perhaps you’re reading this because you’re interested in having a slice of the cake, and trading with the world’s largest economy. TSL is here to advise you on how to import from USA – and to organise freight forwarding on your behalf. We offer expert services in air and sea freight import from USA to Australia. Our provision extends all over the globe and includes all parts of the logistics package from warehousing to heavy haulage and from customs clearance to distribution.

USA Imports Into Australia

The USA is one of the world’s largest producers of automobiles, with huge companies such as General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Fiat Chrysler exporting to over 200 markets around the world. Approximately 17.2 million units were sold in 2019, and indeed passenger motor vehicles are the number one import from the US to Australia.

Australia also imports a high number of aircraft, spacecraft & parts from the USA. Pharma products are the third biggest USA export arriving into Australia at the time of writing, with the US taking almost half of the global revenue for pharmaceutical products. It’s not all huge global companies though – USA is home to some of the world’s most successful startups, meaning it’s a great country for smaller businesses to do business with, too.

Thinking About Importing From USA?

If you’re interested in drawing up a plan of how to import from USA, here are four broad steps to start you off on your journey:
1. Gather information: Find out everything you can about the items you wish to import and check there is a current market for them in Australia
2. Locate dealers: Explore USA manufacturers of the goods you are hoping to bring into Australia, make bids and find a deal that works
3. Market your goods: Locate outlets within Australia where you can sell on the produce you plan to import
4. Arrange shipping: Use a logistics service such as TSL to organise your import operation. A good freight forwarding firm will help you make all the important decisions such as whether to choose sea or air freight import from USA to Australia. It will also arrange for all the necessary paperwork to be completed on your behalf.

Sea Freight Import From USA To Australia

When you’re deciding how to import from USA, you’ll need to think about which mode of transportation makes more sense for your business’s needs. Ocean transit is a good option if time is no object – it takes between 26 and 36 days to carry merchandise to Australia from the USA by boat. The total transit time will depend on whether your goods are coming from the East or West coast. Sea freight import from USA to Australia is often the better option for cargo that is bulky, heavy or oversize, and generally costs less than air transportation.

Air Freight Import From USA To Australia

There are at least 11,500km of sea between USA and Australia, and the quickest way to cover this distance is by freight plane. Air freight import from USA to Australia usually takes between one and six days, depending on whether there are direct flights at the time you need your consignment to be sent. Because cargo aircraft are more expensive to hire than ships, air freight is usually more costly to organise than ocean travel.

Quick Tips For Doing Business In USA

Business culture in the USA is similar to that of Australia in many ways, but there are also a few things to bear in mind. Here are some tips to get you started:

– Like Australia, the USA operates with a federal system. State laws vary significantly which may affect trading.
– Americans may use the English language differently from Australians. It’s usually best to avoid using humour in business meetings just in case it’s misunderstood
– Many Americans take religion very seriously, with Christians representing around 75% of the population
– After 9/11 the USA tightened all security procedures for cargo which means paperwork needs to be 100% accurate in every case – TSL is here to assist you with this!