TSL Australia is proud to be a member of Flying Solo, a small business community which offers advice and guidance to anyone starting up or running their own company in Australia. If you’re thinking about becoming an importer, Flying Solo is a fantastic place to discuss the ins and outs of this industry. You can learn lots about reliable freight forwarders, customs brokerage and shipping agents from other people who have already made progress in the importing and exporting industry.

What Is Flying Solo?

Flying Solo is an online community of over 100,000 people which helps people create successful businesses in Australia. It provides information and tips, guiding people on how to operate a company in Australia through soloism, or working for oneself. On the site you’ll find a wealth of articles, webinars, podcasts and other resources designed to support you in your business venture. You can also ask advice from experts in your chosen field and exchange ideas with people on the site’s many forums. If you’re interested in knowing more about freight forwarding, for example, you can get your logistics and shipping questions answered by professionals on Flying Solo.

What Can Flying Solo Help Me With?

Flying Solo is many things: it’s a directory of other like-minded micro business owners; a place to get tips on different aspects of running a business and also a nursery for new ideas. If you want to interact with other users, there a number of handy forums you can post on. Here are some examples of the areas you can discuss:

  • Logistics: chat to others about importing, exporting, duties, air freight, sea freight, shipping, distribution, wholesaling and sourcing suppliers.
  • Marketing: discuss ideas on marketing, attracting customers, effective communication, sales and networking skills.
  • Selling online: pick up tips about webdev (web development), ecommerce, shopping carts, payment systems and more.
  • Money matters: get the low-down on accounting, cashflow, tax, insurance, budgets, bad debts and bookkeeping
  • Wellbeing & balance: gather information about how to stay motivated, juggle work and play, manage stress and handle overwhelm.
  • And more! See the site’s other small business forums for more useful discussions on just about every area of starting your own business.

Why TSL?

TSL’s professionalism and expertise is a product of many years’ direct operational involvement in freight forwarding throughout Australia, Southeast Asia, China, the Gulf, Europe and America. We understand the range of logistics services required by today’s international businesses, and our customer-led service has been created to meet this demand.

What Is A Customs Broker?

A customs broker is an agent who is responsible for making your customs operations run efficiently. Customs brokers are equipped with all the knowledge needed to complete the paperwork and documentation required during customs clearance. At TSL, we advise our clients on implementing the moving of goods across different countries. As a shipping agent, we provide reliable customs brokerage as part of our freight forwarding services.

Sea Freight And Air Freight Services

Bringing your consignment into Australia in a plane is the quickest way of getting it here – but air freight is more expensive to organise than sea freight. Air freight will usually work out well if your cargo is not heavy or large. If you have a tighter budget and/or if your consignment is heavy or unwieldy, sea freight may be a better option for you. If you’re unsure about which service to use, you can always talk to TSL – we’ll help you find the optimum transportation method for your needs.

Get In Touch

To find out more about TSL’s services as a freight forwarder, our customs clearance operations or any other aspect of our work, please fill out our Free Freight Review and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. You can also email us or give us a ring to discuss anything else. We look forward to doing business with you.