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Importing from Germany to Australia is big business, with incoming trade from Germany worth a huge AU$ 15 billion in 2018. Are you interested in having a slice of the cake? Allow TSL to guide advise you on how to import from Germany. We offer high-quality services in air and sea freight import from Germany to Australia, including all parts of the logistics package from warehousing to heavy haulage.

German Imports Into Australia
Germany is home to a number of well-known car manufacturers including Volkswagen and BMW Group, and indeed the main item imported into Australia from Germany is motor vehicles. Australia also imports large amounts of medicines and pharmaceuticals from Germany, as well as electronic and sports goods from Germany-based international companies such as Siemens and adidas. It’s not all huge global companies though – Germany is renowned globally for its start-ups and innovation, meaning it’s a great country for smaller businesses to do business with too.

Thinking About Importing From Germany?
If you’re interested in drawing up a plan of how to import from Germany, here are four broad steps to start you off:
1. Gather information: Research the items you wish to import and find out whether there is a current market for them
2. Locate suppliers: Explore German manufacturers of the goods you are hoping to bring into Australia, make offers and find a deal
3. Market your goods: Find outlets within Australia for the produce or items you are planning to sell
4. Organise shipping: Use a freight forwarding service such as TSL to organise your import operation. Your chosen logistic firm will help you make all the important decisions such as whether choose sea or air freight import from Germany to Australia and complete all the necessary paperwork on your behalf.