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Although France and Australia are separated by more than 10, 000 miles, these two countries have been active trade partners for more than 2 centuries! The warm trade relationship these two countries share hit a rough patch when an arrangement to build a submarine fleet fell through in September 2021.

But even with that, the volume of imports from France to Australia has only increased.

But if you want to start or improve your import experience from France to the Australian border, there are several things you need to put in place first.

One of the most important ones is securing the services of freight forwarders who don’t make excuses and always get the job done.

Facilitating the smooth movement of shipments from France to Australia requires experience and a competent network of operatives. These are things that the freight forwarders at TSL Australia have in spades and are always eager to put at your disposal.

With more than 10 years of local knowledge operating in this space, we’re well prepared and positioned to always get your cargo into Australia any day of the week.

Major Reasons to Import From France

Before you delve into the France trade lane and start importing goods from this country, it’s vital to first establish if such an exercise will be profitable for your business.

So, why consider importing from France?

–       It Offers a Wide Range of Attractive Goods

France is known around the world for being home to some of the best manufacturers and producers. What you get as a result is a market filled to overflowing with different goods that you can easily and conveniently purchase.

As a major exporter, France has also perfected the art of making these desirable goods easy to access, meaning you can import them to Australia without any undue stress.

–       It’s Easy and Convenient

Unlike when carrying out the same activity with some other countries, the process of importing goods from France to Australia is relatively more straightforward.

This is largely thanks to the fact that the country is a member of the European Union (EU) and follows its streamlined protocols for facilitating the smoother movement of cargo between countries in this organisation.

–       It Offers Flexible Prices for Goods

As we mentioned earlier, the French market is remarkably large and has become quite popular over the years. Because of this, there is heavy competition between suppliers and manufacturers. Consequently, you’ll be able to find products at a considerably more affordable price here.

What’s more, the French business culture places a heavy focus on long-term business partnerships, meaning that, once you’ve found a supplier you like, all you need to do is keep in touch from time to time and you’ll be able to enjoy continued access to their good-quality products.

–       It Gives You a Chance to Become an Industry Leader

If your competition isn’t yet exploring the French market, leveraging this resource can give you a real edge.

And, even if they’re already onto the benefits that importing from France to Australia has to offer, the fact that you have a proficient freight forwarder like TSL in your corner ensures that your cargo arrives faster and in pristine condition.

Top Products to Export from France to Australia

S/NImport GoodsEstimated Value (AUD) in 2021
1.Machinery Equipment and Nuclear Reactors745 Million
2.Pharmaceutical Products447 Million
3.Vinegar, Beverages and Spirits417 Million
4.Other Vehicles Apart from Tramway and Railway378 Million
5.Perfumes and Toiletries367 Million
6.Electrical Equipment and Accessories278 Million
7.Medical and Photo Apparatus271 Million
8.Pearls and Precious Stones243 Million
9.Spacecrafts and Aircrafts96 Million
10.Miscellaneous Chemical Products91 Million

Other products that are in high demand in the French market include organic chemicals (about 600 million AUD worth imported from France in 2020), medical and optical equipment (about 345 million AUD worth imported from France in 2020), and pet foods.

Import From France to Australia

As one of the top 10 export countries in the world, France offers a wide variety of means through which you can import goods to Australia.

Import to Australia Via Ocean Freight

As your freight forwarder, TSL Australia can help you get your cargo to Australia through different sea trade routes.

Import From Fos Sur Mer Port

Regarded as the largest port in the country, it serves as one of the key ocean ports in France. It transports an average of 88 million tonnes of cargo and you have to be proficient with the regulations and formalities guiding shipment if you want to ensure there are no delays with your cargo import.

Our years of importing and exporting cargo from this port as well as our extensive network of on-site operatives in the country ensure we’re constantly in the loop and know everything necessary to get your cargo to any port in Australia easily.

We offer Less than Container Load (LCL), Full Container Load (FCL), and other specialised cargo shipping services you might require.

Other ports we operate out of include;

  • The Port of Marseille.
  • The Port of Le Havre.
  • The Port of Lyon.
  • The Port of La Pallice.
  • The Port of Gennevilliers, to mention a few.

Import to Australia Via Air Freight

We also service the skies of France to ensure that your goods arrive safely and quickly in Australia as well.

Import From Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

The Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport is Europe’s second busiest airport after Heathrow. The multiple direct connections it offers makes it one of the fastest and most convenient routes out of the country.

But, to ensure you leverage this resource to the fullest and have a sound backup if something unexpected happens, it always helps to have a team of freight forwarders like TSL Australia at your beck and call.

Not only do we assist our clients with streamlined cargo import services to Australia from the Paris Charles de Gaulle, other airports we have a strong presence in include;

  • The Bale Mulhouse Airport.
  • The Paris Orly Airport.
  • The Marseille Provence Airport.
  • The Toulouse Blagnac Airport.

How Can TSL Australia Help You Improve Your Import Needs?

The TSL touch transforms how you experience importing from France to Australia by:

Increasing the Speed of Delivery

Even if you plan on bringing in your cargo by LCL ocean freight, we make it a point of duty to always expedite the delivery time, ensuring that you get your cargo delivered at your port of choice in the shortest time possible.

Streamlining Booking and Payment System

You don’t have to jump through hoops to get a consultation, enlist our services or get a quote. Similarly, we’ve streamlined our payment systems to support multiple options so you can just leverage the one most comfortable for you.

Providing Full Customs Clearance Services

Customs brokerage is an important part of getting cargo from France to Australia. This is why our team is composed of both seasoned freight forwarders and customs brokers so that your cargo never suffers any delay in transit.

Providing Fully Transparent and Above Board Paperwork and Dealings

From the moment you enlist our services, you receive a full and comprehensive update on how all your import documentation and paperwork arrangement is being handled.

You deserve to know everything that goes into importing from France to Australia and we ensure you always have this information at your disposal.

Offering Extensive Customer Service

We understand that you may have questions about importing from France to Australia.

This is why we have a team of customer representatives you can reach 24 hours a day to find out anything you need to know.

In addition to this, once you hire our freight forwarders, you’ll be assigned a direct contact person you can reach out to if you want to get the specifics of your cargo delivery at any point.

At TSL Australia, we’re devoted to providing a level of service that keeps our clients happy and satisfied.

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