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TSL is a Melbourne-based freight forwarder ready to help you with excavator shipping to or from Australia, China, South East Asia, Middle East, India and Sub-continents, Europe, USA and South America. We are experts in shipping excavators and other heavy construction equipment. We have the expertise, experience and connections to organise excellent-value, effective and reliable excavator shipping to and from Australia.

The Challenge Of Shipping Excavators

Excavators and other pieces of digging equipment are often large, bulky and heavy. They usually can’t be inserted into a shipping container for freight forwarding. Thankfully there are a number of other sea freight forwarding methods that ensure your digger or bulldozer reaches its final destination in a timely manner – and with no scratches to the paintwork.

Excavator Shipping Methods

Depending on the size and dimensions of your equipment, your freight forwarder will usually organise for your item to be transported with RoRo or in a shipping container. Below is a bit more about each of these sea freight forwarding methods. With RoRo (roll-on roll-off), your excavator will be driven straight onto the vessel. It enters the boat via a ramp and is fastened securely before transportation. If the vehicle is not in working order, it can be placed on a trailer and towed onto the ship for transit. Once the ship has arrived at its destination, the excavator can be driven or rolled off again. Shipping containers may be used for excavator shipping if your equipment exceeds the RoRo height limitation (around 14ft) and will fit – or can be disassembled to fit – inside a container that is 40ft long and 8.5ft tall. High-cube or extra-tall containers are also an option; these are 9.5ft tall.

More About RoRo

With RoRo, your goods are transported inside specially designed ships with their own loading ramps. Many RoRo ships have two or more ramps so they can load and unload various types of cargo simultaneously. Some vessels have several decks, with certain levels allocated for the heaviest plant vehicles and machinery, such as excavators.

Secure Transit With Roro

The largest RoRo vessels can carry up to 6,000 cars. The decks are fully sealed and watertight to protect them from the elements and salty sea water during transit. Each vehicle is held down using straps around its wheels that are attached to securing points in the floor.

TSL’s Comprehensive Service

At TSL, we know that sea freight forwarding is a complicated mission that takes in various different agencies. It requires cooperation and commitment from a number of subcontractors and individual workers. We have spent several years building up professional links with the best companies and people in the business in order to provide a flawless and great-value freight forwarding service. As well as providing a fully professional customs clearance service so that your goods are processed through the ports quickly and easily, we can provide peripheral services such as warehousing and onward travel.