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Australian Custom Clearance Process-Understanding the Basics

The goods which are imported into Australia are subjected to inspection, as well as customs duty or goods & service tax, including other applicable taxes depending on the certain circumstances.

Clearance of goods sent through post – The goods which are imported by the post is cleared by the AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) including the Customs and Border Protection delivered by Australia post. Those goods which are of no interest to the AQIS are set for the delivery tossss the given address by the Australian post right away. Some of the goods, on the other hand, may be opened by Australia Post on behalf of the AQIS and the Customs Border Protection for value assessment or for inspection for the possible presence of prohibited or restricted goods.

Clearing & customs duty, taxes and Customs and Border Protection charges do not apply to goods sent through post unless the goods have a declared value of products. Actually, the Australian Post which maintains control of all postal articles and that sends out a notice to importers on behalf of the Customs and Border Protection to the importer or addressee of the parcel or goods. The notice gives instructions on how clearance of the goods can be obtained.

In case of tobacco or alcohol product regardless of its assessed value, the importer will be sent an invoice for payment from the Customs and Border Protection.

Clearance of goods – air or sea transport – Those consignments or goods which are imported either by sea should get through the SAC(Self Assessed Clearance) that is to be submitted electronically. GST as well as duty won’t apply to SAC declarations until and unless for alcoholic products or tobacco.

Calculation of GST and custom duty – In order to compute the customs duty based on the custom values, corresponds to the price paid for the imported goods at the time of export converted to Australian dollars. It all depends on the product which sets the duty rate which can be anywhere between 0 to 10 percent of the customs value. In case of computing the GST on the other hand the duty, cost, customs value, the cost of international insurance, transport, including the other applicable taxes are also added of the total GST.

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