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CMA CGM is a leading shipping and transport group headquartered in Marseille, France. The group employs over 37,000 employees and is present in over 160 countries through over 750 agencies.


The line was launched in 1978 by its founder, Jacques Saadé. It started out with just one ship and four employees. It now has a fleet of 509 vessels and serves 420 of the world’s 521 commercial ports. If you’d like to organise international shipping with CMA CGM and need a shipping agent to organise it for you, get in touch with TSL today.

CMA CGM Vessels

The group’s vessels have capacities ranging from around 200 TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) up to 11,000 TEUs.

Shipping Container Transport with CMA CGM
Shipping containers can be used to transport just about anything, as long as it fits – or can be disassembled to fit – inside a container that is 8ft wide, 8.5ft tall and 20ft/40ft long. CMA CGM, like many shipping lines, also offers high-cube, open-top and flat-rack containers to help accommodate larger items. For example, heavy machinery and other bulky cargo may require additional space.

CMA CGM’s Shipping Containers

CMA CGM offers a range of container preparation services to transport your items safely. Containers with garment hangers enable clothes to be shipped with minimal creasing, while for high-value consignments, bar locks can be added to the doors shipping containers for extra security. Premium-grade containers are guaranteed to be 100% clean and completely watertight.

CMA CGM in Australia

CMA CGM Australia branch operates through four offices, with its headquarters in Melbourne. The company runs nine services serving Australia. The Panama Direct Line links the three main Australian ports with the US East Coast, Europe, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands, while the ANZEX ANL and APR ANL connect Australia with countries in Asia.


TSL is a Melbourne-based shipping agent able to organise international shipping from Australia for your company. We work with CMA CGM as well as all the other leading shipping lines. As a top shipping agent, we can organise international freight forwarding quickly and easily, no matter how big your consignment is and whichever of the shipping lines you prefer to use. If you would like us to organise shipping with CMA CGM on your behalf, please get in touch with us today.