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Want to import products from India? TSL is on hand to guide you through the process. Bringing merchandise into Australia from India is big business, with incoming trade from this South Asian country worth a huge AU$ 4.9 billion per year in 2018-19. TSL can help you have a slice of the cake with our expert logistics service. We offer high-quality services in sea and shipping from India to Australia. Our offerings cover all links in the logistics chain – including pick-up, packing, warehousing, heavy haulage, customs clearance – and much more.

Import Products From India Into Australia

The main item imported into Australia from India is refined petroleum. In the last few years, Australia has also imported a high number of Metro coaches from a manufacturing facility in the country’s south-eastern state of Andhra Pradesh. Pharma products were the third largest Indian export arriving into Australia at the time of writing; India is, in fact, the main global supplier of generic drugs. It’s not all huge global companies though – with a thriving tech startup hub and a strong ability to produce varied and sought-after produce, India is a great country for smaller businesses to do business with too.

Import Customs From India

All goods entering Australia from overseas will have certain taxes and duties attached to them, such as the 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on all imports required by the Australian government. Some importers will be eligible for certain refunds and concession schemes which apply to particular types of goods. If you need to know more, TSL can advise you on how much import customs from India you can expect to pay for your consignment.

Prohibitions On Indian Exports

The import of certain products is controlled by the Australian government, with these items either restricted or completely prohibited. With restricted items, such as antibiotics, cigarette lighters, pornography, pesticides and certain cosmetics, you’ll need written permission in order to be able to import them. Being in breach of the law can mean huge fines – up to AU $525,000 – and/or up to ten years’ imprisonment. For more information about import customs from India, please visit the Department of Home Affairs or Australian Border Force websites.

Australia–India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement

There is currently no free trade agreement between India and Australia, but in May 2011 discussions began about the possible introduction of an Australia–India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement. At the time of writing the deal was still under negotiation – you can find out the latest about it from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. In the meantime, the Australian Government has officially endorsed the India Economic Strategy and its aspirations for bilateral investment and trade.

Can TSL Help With…

…Inland transport?Yes!
…First-time customer care?Yes!
…Customs brokerage?Yes!
…Freight forwarding?Yes!
…Third-party logistics?Yes!
…Certificate of Origin (COO)Yes!
…Declaration of Origin (DOO)Yes!

Freight Shipping From India To Australia

When you import products from India into Australia, you’ll need to decide whether to send your goods as air or sea freight. TSL is here to advise you on which method makes the most sense for the job. There are several factors that may affect how you decide to transport your consignment the 5,500-plus kilometers between Asia and Australia, for example, your budget, your time frame, and the type of goods you’re shipping. It is also possible that your Indian contact may prefer one transportation method over the other.

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