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Personal Effects Customs Clearance

Emigrating to Australia from overseas? Want to bring all your possessions into the country with zero hassle – and for the best possible price? TSL is here to help. We offer a full personal effects customs clearance service. We’ll organise full Customs and Quarantine clearance from your Australian port of arrival right inside your new property. Our staff will ensure you benefit from any duty reductions that apply to your personal effects. Our professional service is designed to cover the full operation from start to finish, so that you can concentrate on other important aspects of moving country.

What Are Personal Effects?

​​​​​As described by the Australian Customs service, personal effects and household goods are the unaccompanied items transported into Australia by a returning resident or a new resident of Australia, via sea or air freight. The official term for them is UPEs (Unaccompanied Personal Effects). UPEs may include clothing, furniture, books, artwork, musical instruments and electrical goods.

What Are NOT Personal Effects?

UPEs do not include motor vehicles and motor vehicles and parts, or commercial goods. These items are subject to different duty charges – please ask TSL for more information.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Exemption

Personal effects benefit from a reduced duty charge as long as the following are fulfilled:

  • You must be arriving from a place outside Australia
  • The items must be your personal property that you owned while overseas
  • You must have owned and used the items for 12 months or more (does not apply to most personal clothing, footwear and grooming items if you are a permanent resident)

Documentation For Importing Personal Effects Into Australia

In order for your items to be imported as personal effects, they must be accompanied by a number of documents such as an Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement, identification documents, a packing list and an arrival notice or delivery advice. As part of our full customs clearance service, TSL will cover all these aspects for you.

A Trustworthy Customs Clearance Provider

When importing personal effects into Australia, why is it so critical that clearance procedures are carried out correctly and effectively? The main reason is that if the correct procedures are not fulfilled, you could be hit with heavy penalties. Choosing a professional and experienced customs clearance service such as TSL ensures a trouble-free customs and quarantine clearance for your personal effects. Our customs brokers are fully licensed with the Australian Customs Service and are all ready to help.

What Next?

Please see the Australian Customs Service for further information about personal effects customs clearance. To talk to TSL about your importing or exporting requirements, Click Contact link below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements.