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APL is a leading global ocean carrier that operates over 120 weekly services in more than 70 countries. It employs 5,000 people and is served by over 140 agencies and offices throughout the world. Its international shipping network, which covers ten trade routes, provides container transportation using advanced technology.

About APL

The company specialises in environmentally friendly and technologically advanced container shipping transport. APL carried out its first voyage in 1848, so its history of providing sea transportation services dates back further than many of the other leading shipping companies. If you need to organise international shipping from Australia with APL, TSL is a Melbourne-based shipping agent who can arrange this on your behalf.

APL Vessels

The company has a fleet of 64 vessels able to transport over five million TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units) per year. It can also handle project and oversized cargo.

APL Shipping Containers

This company uses steel containers of the standard 20-foot size which have a weight capacity of over 28,000 kg, which is higher than the standard payload capacity. This makes them ideal for transporting heavyweight cargo. It also offers 40-foot containers and high cubes, which have a foot of extra height. Lastly, APL uses 45-foot high cubes which have extra length as well as height.

Technological Advancements

APL’s containers feature the latest in technology. They’re made with environmentally friendly water-based sealant which is stronger and more durable than other sealants. Because this sealant does not release any volatile organic compounds (VOC), it poses no health risk. APL’s containers are also made with eco-friendly water-based paint which does not release harmful vapours when it dries.

Around a thousand of APL’s TEUs are equipped with FSC-compliant hybrid bamboo/wood composite flooring which provides extra loading strength and reduces waste. The company’s 20-foot containers also feature forklift pockets which enable them to be handled by forklift trucks. The 40-foot shipping containers have gooseneck tunnels that mean they can be centred to the gooseneck chassis for stable, secure transportation. Garment hanger bars, which allow the transportation of textiles on clothes hangers, are also available.

A Green Company

APL has won awards for its commitment to the environment. It has undertaken several initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, for example using low-sulphur fuel and upgrading its fleet and cargo handling equipment on a regular basis. It also lowered its CO2 emissions by 50% between 2009 and 2017.

International Shipping from Australia with APL

APL has been operating in Australia since 1970. APL Australia’s head office is in Melbourne, and the company has branch offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Fremantle. There’s a weekly direct sailing between Brisbane and the main ports of New Zealand, and multiple direct connections to Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. It offers some of the industry’s fastest journey times to and from Australia.


TSL is a Melbourne-based shipping agent able to organise international shipping from Australia for your company. We work with APL as well as the other leading global shipping companies to provide a comprehensive service that includes customs brokerage, warehousing and inland travel. As one of the best-connected shipping agents operating in Australia today, our international freight forwarding service is always efficient – no matter how large your consignment is and whichever of the shipping companies best suits your requirements. If you’d like us to organise shipping with APL on your behalf, please get in touch today.