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If you’re looking to expand your network and sell products in Asia, why not export to India? This Asian country is the fastest-growing large economy and the fifth largest economy in the world (2019) – and has a youthful population of 1.3 billion including an aspirational middle class. It could mean great things for your business. If you wish to secure great-value shipping to India with a reputable and reliable logistics company, get in touch with TSL today. We strive to be the one of the best importers from Australia to India, continually building up trust and relationships with the world’s top logistics providers and growing our knowledge of the industry. Our professionals are here to organise every aspect of the freight forwarding process for you.

Shipping To India: Sea Freight Or Air Freight?

When you export goods to India to Australia, your items will travel 5,500 km at the very least– and likely a much further distance. The main mode of transport will be either boat or plane. TSL will assess your cargo and your requirements and work with you to decide which method is best suited to you. This decision will be based on a variety of factors, such as:

  1. Your budget – air freight is generally more costly to arrange than sea freight
  2. Your timeframe – shipping to India by sea takes at least five times longer than air travel
  3. Your buyer’s preference – your Asian contact may prefer you to use one transportation method over the other
  4. Type of goods – bulky, heavy and oversize items are better carried as sea freight. Smaller, more compact packages can be sent more easily by air

Our teams will look at all the options and talk through the various factors with you. Together we’ll work out the most logical and cost-effective method of shipping to India – sea freight or air freight.

Import By Air: Australia To India

It usually takes between 1 and 6 days to import by air from Australia to India, depending on the availability of direct flights. At TSL, we’ll use our experience and longstanding relationships with top logistics facilitators to secure you great deals on freight flights.

Import By Sea: Australia To India

Shipping to India with sea freight takes between 24 and 32 days – not bad considering there are at least 5,500km to cover (and probably more unless you happen to be shipping from Port Hedland to Kanyakumari, India’s southernmost tip!)! Mumbai Port, in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, is the biggest seaport in the country – this may be the point of arrival for your Indian imports of goods. Or it may be one of India’s 12 or so other significant ports, which include:

  • Kandla Port in the north-western state of Gujarat
  • Visakhapatnam Port in the south-eastern state of Andhra Pradesh
  • Chennai Port in the southern state of Tamil Nadu
  • Kolkata Port in the north-eastern state of West Bengal

Upon arrival onto India’s shores, your consignment will be transported by road or rail to its end destination within India or the wider Asian zone. Using our extensive networks, TSL can arrange safe, secure and efficient onward travel on board our heavy haulage vehicles or specialised freight trains.

What Makes TSL The Best Importer From Australia To India?

Our professionals are working around the clock to be the very best importer from Australia to India. TSL’s logistics service is a result of many years’ direct operational involvement in freight forwarding covering Australia, New Zealand, China, south-east Asia, America and Asia.

We’ll provide your business with:

  • Fast export to India from Australia
  • Competitive rates on Indian imports of goods
  • 100% safe & compliant processes
  • Fully cost-effective & time-sensitive service
  • Simplified billing
  • Online tracking

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