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How To Import From Qatar

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Welcome to TSL. We’re here to provide you with useful nuggets of information about how to import goods from Qatar to Australia. We are a freight forwarder able to help you with every step of the procedure, from pick-up all the way through to delivery – and everything else in between. We are excited about working with your business and hope you will enjoy using our services.

What Is TSL?

TSL is a freight forwarder operating from Melbourne in Australia. Freight forwarding is the foundation of our business and the area in which we excel. We can help with importing/exporting from Qatar, transportation by sea or air and customs clearance. We offer the full package to ensure your goods arrive at their final destination with the utmost care and as quickly as possible. We provide the following services for businesses operating in and out of Australia:

• Importing/exporting from Qatar
• Freight forwarding
Sea freight
Air freight
Customs clearance
• Packing
• Distribution
• Warehousing

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Import From Qatar to Australia

If you’re looking to import goods from Qatar, here are four steps you may like to follow:

1. Gather information: Research the items you wish to import and find out whether there is a current market for them
2. Locate suppliers: Explore Qatari manufacturers of the goods you are hoping to bring into Australia, make offers and find the right deal for your business
3. Market your goods: Locate outlets within Australia for the produce or items you are planning to sell
4. Organise shipping: Use TSL’s fantastic freight forwarding service to organise your import operation.

Doing Business in Qatar

If you are an Australian business interested in trading with Qatar, it is worth bearing the following in mind:
1. Qatar is an Islamic country which follows Sharia Law.
2. Arabic is the main language in Qatar, although English is also used.
3. It can take longer to establish businesses relations in Qatar than in other countries.
4. The working week in Qatar is Sunday to Tuesday.

Tariffs: What Will I Pay To Import Goods From Qatar?

When exporting from Qatar into Australia, all goods imported must be cleared at the Australian border. As the importer, you will be subject to certain fees such as clearance charges, customs duty, goods and services tax (GST) and other taxes. TSL is here to organise all these administrative details for you and is happy to discuss your individual requirements with you.

What Items Can’t I Import from Qatar to Australia?

Not all goods can be brought into Australia freely. Examples of restricted items are: antibiotics, cigarette lighters, pesticides and certain cosmetics. For further information from the Australian Government about goods that are restricted or prohibited, please click here.
click here

Import Goods From Qatar: By Air Or By Sea?

Whether you choose to send your goods via the air or the ocean depends on a number of factors:

What is your maximum budget? If you’re limited for cash, it makes sense to choose sea transportation over air, because it is generally cheaper.

What timescale are you working with? Air freight from Qatar typically takes just 1-6 days to reach Australia, whereas shipping by sea can take up to 45 days.

What size is your consignment? If you are planning to ship large quantities of goods, or if they are particularly heavy or bulky, sea freight may be your best bet. Smaller, more compact packages can be sent more conveniently by air.

How To Import From Qatar To Australia: Further Resources

For more information about Qatar’s potential as an export market, see Austrade’s market profile on Qatar. You may also find this document from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade useful.

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