Welcome to TSL’s guide on how to import goods from Malaysia into Australia. We are here to help you through every step of the process, from pick-up right through to delivery and everything else in between.

We are experts in:

  • Freight forwarding
  • Air freight
  • Sea freight
  • Customs clearance
  • Packing
  • Distribution
  • Warehousing

Why Import Goods From Malaysia?

Bringing items into Australia from Malaysia is a great option for many businesses in Australia. Huge savings can be made in the areas of manufacture and labour, where costs are much lower in Malaysia than they are in Australia. Trade from Malaysia is huge – over $10bn per year – and has been made easier in recent years thanks to the Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement (MAFTA), which came into force in January 2013. This deal opened up avenues for those wanting to import from Malaysia to Australia because it eliminated all import tariffs for products coming into Australia from Malaysia.

For more information about how to import from Malaysia using the MAFTA, please click here.

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Import From Malaysia to Australia

If you want to import goods from Malaysia, here are four steps to follow:

1. Gather information: Research the products you are hoping to import and find out whether there is a market for them
2. Find suppliers: Explore Malaysian manufacturers of the goods you wish to bring into Australia; make offers and find the right deal
3. Market your goods: Find outlets within Australia for the produce or items you are looking to sell on
4. Organise shipping: Use TSL’s fantastic freight forwarding service. We will supply all services in the chain from pick-up to delivery, as well as peripheral services such as packing, storage and distribution, all at highly competitive prices.

What Can’t I Import from Malaysia to Australia?

Importing certain goods from Malaysia is controlled by the government. These items are either completely prohibited, or restricted. Restricted items will require you to have written permission in order to be able to import them. Those in breach of this can be fined up to $525,000 and/or imprisoned for ten years.

Examples of restricted items are: antibiotics, cigarette lighters, pornography, pesticides and certain cosmetics. For more information, please click here.

By Air Or By Sea?

Whether you choose air or ocean travel for your consignment depends on a number of factors:

What is your budget? If you’re limited for cash it makes sense to choose sea freight because it is generally cheaper.
What is your timescale? Air freight from Malaysia typically takes just 1-5 days, whereas shipping by sea can take up to 25 days.
How big is your consignment? If you are shipping large quantities of goods, or if they are particularly bulky or heavy, sea freight is probably your best bet. Smaller, more compact packages can be sent more easily by air.