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How do I Get Clearance For My Shipment?

As anyone who has ever imported goods into the country will tell you, customs clearance in cargo takes quite a bit of effort to accomplish.

To ensure that you do not encounter any more stress or difficulty than is necessary, you need to first and foremost do your due diligence. This in part means gathering as much information as you can on the procedure of importing cargo into the country. Of course, that’s most likely why you’re reading this!

So, how do you get clearance for your shipment?

To be able to do this efficiently you need to gain certain information on how importation works in Australia.

While the process involved in clearing imported goods and services in every country is essentially similar, there are a many variables that set each country apart.

For today, we will be dealing exclusively with import practices for clearing imported cargo at the Australian border.

How do I Get Clearance For my Shipment?

To answer this, you must first know what customs clearance is and why getting it is so important to your imported goods.

What is Customs Clearance?

For a thorough and extensive analysis of what customs clearance in Australia is and why it’s so vital to your importing operation, you can see this page.(link to customs clearance with TSL)

However, we’ll be summing everything discussed there here in broad strokes so you can understand the basics before we delve further.

Customs clearance is basically the process through which the cargo you’re importing into Australia receives the country’s sanction and permission to enter its borders for consumption within.

What does a Customs Broker do and why do you Need One?

As has been sufficiently established, you need to clear customs and possess the necessary documentation to prove that your cargo cleared the process.

Understandably, this can prove a little difficult, especially if you aren’t very familiar with how things like this work in Australia or if you’re doing this for the first time. This is where a customs broker steps in.

A customs broker can be a particularly invaluable asset to your cause, especially if time is a factor and you need your goods cleared in the shortest time possible.

This is where customs agents excel. Possessing experience and informed knowledge on the latest happenings with importation in the country they are able to make the most favorable decisions needed for clearing your goods as fast as possible.

Operating fully within the law, a licensed customs agent helps you as an importer with easily navigating customs regulations in Australia.

Please note that customs brokers may operate in any capacity. This is to say that the agent could either be affiliated with a firm or work as a private individual.

Through a customs broker, you are able to handle complicated tasks with ease and considerably accelerate how fast your goods are cleared through Customs.

Benefits of Using a Customs Broker

  • Using a customs agent eliminates the risk of importing any goods that don’t meet the import regulations of the country.
  • Customs brokers make importing cargo cost-efficient for you. This is because they are able to provide you with credible information that helps you make better decisions with your shipping options.
  • In the event that the customs agent can’t properly deal with the cargo you’ll be shipping in, they promptly let you know and offer you the best ways of deferring your shipment safely and effectively.
  • A customs broker will guide you through the necessary paperwork that comes with shipping to ensure you avoid possible errors.

At TSL Australia, we offer top-notch customs brokerage for your shipments you can rely on. Reach out for a competitive Quote today.