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Germany imports almost AU $4.5 billion of goods and services from Australia each year. Around AU $2.7 billion of that budget is comprised of German imports of goods from Australia. The rest is made up of German imports of services from Australia.

What Are Service Imports?

A service export is a service that is provided from a person resident in one country to people or companies in another country. As we are brought closer to our foreign friends located overseas through social media and increasingly efficient networks, service exports are becoming an emerging trend around the globe. German imports of services add to the ever-growing goods imports from Australia to Germany. Here are some examples of service imports carried out by German individuals or companies:
– Any experience paid for by a German tourist while in Australia (for example renting a car or partaking in a tour)
– A German company receiving advice from an Australian tax advisor about doing business in Australasia
– Rents paid by a German company for the use of property in Australia (and in the context of freight forwarding, rental of warehouses)
– Australian actors employed by a German film company
When you export goods to Europe from Australia, the process is likely to include German imports of services in some form or another – for example translating documents, training on how to treat or use imported items and hire of personnel for handling.

Germany: Imports Of Services From Australia

Germany imports around AU $1.8 billion of services from Australia annually (2018 figure). The main services being imported were related to transport and personal travel excluding education.

Germany: Imports Of Goods From Australia

In 2018 Germany imported AU $2.7 billion of goods from Australia. The top three items being exported to Germany from Australia were oilseeds & oleaginous fruits, coins, and precious metal ores.

TSL: Air & Sea Freight Forwarder Germany-Australia

TSL is a market leader in logistics, operating high-frequency ocean and air services throughout the world. Here’s an example of just some of the services we provide as a professional air & sea freight forwarder Germany-Australia:
-Find the most cost-efficient way to get your products from Australia to Europe
-Strike deals with air and sea carriers to trim down rates for your business
-Ensure the completion of paperwork regarding customs clearance and other legal regulations
-Cater specifically for your company’s requirements

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