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Freight Forwarders & Customs Clearance Warrnambool

Want to work with a logistics company that is fast, efficient and reliable? TSL Australia is a freight forwarding company serving businesses throughout Victoria and the rest of the country. We offer the full range of freight and logistics services to ensure your consignment arrives on time, every time, wherever in the world you want to send it. Our importing and exporting services are based on years of experience in the industry.

TSL Australia offers the following services:

  • Freight Forwarders Warrnambool: we can transport items within Australia and import/export goods from/to overseas
  • Customs Clearance Warrnambool: our service ensures your goods are cleared through the border in the least time possible
  • Airfreight Warrnambool: we can send your produce to New Zealand, Europe, Europe, North America or South America
  • Seafreight Warrnambool: we’ll send your shipment via the sea to any part of the world

Freight Forwarders Warrnambool

Need a large volume of goods taken to New South Wales or Queensland? Or want to receive a consignment from Canada or Thailand? TSL is proud to be able to offer a reliable and great-value service thanks to our skilled staff members, and tried and tested systems. TSL can also help with packing, storage and distribution.

Airfreight Warrnambool

Sending your consignments by plane is by far the quickest transportation method, though it does cost more than shipping them by sea. There will be extra fees and services required for air travel (such as Australian port fees). A reliable logistics agent such as TSL can take care of all aspects of the operation for you.

Seafreight Warrnambool

Shipping is an excellent method of transportation for business who are not limited by time. Many international businesses regularly ship freight via the world’s oceans because it is so much cheaper than air travel. Australia’s ports lend themselves particularly well suited to cargo operations because of the country’s long history with sea freight, a result of the geographical distance between Australia and most other parts of the world.

From Warrnambool, your consignment will leave (or arrive in) Australia through Melbourne port. Depending on the size of your consignment, you will either share a shipping container with other businesses or hire one of your own. The advantage of hiring your own container is that it is usually quicker to process this type of consignment, meaning your shipment will reach its destination more quickly.

Customs Clearance Warrnambool

Once items have arrived to Australian shores or airports, they can take up to two weeks to get through customs. This is because Australia has strict customs and excise laws that are enforced by the Australian Port Authorities. The length of time depends on what is in the consignment (for example, food,alcohol and tobacco products take longer than office equipment, toys or furniture). To make the process run as smoothly as possible, TSL Australia has developed systems and connections to be able to process cargo with the utmost care and efficiency.

Expertise and Experience

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