5 Reasons Why You Need a Customs Broker

Customs brokers are basically individuals or corporations that have been licensed by Australian Customs and Australian Border Force (ABF) to legally act on behalf of importers and exporters within the country.

If you plan on having anything moved into or out of the Australian border, then a licensed customs broker is an invaluable addition to your team.

However, this might make you wonder; is it a legal requirement to employ the services of a customs broker when importing or exporting?

Also, can you simply move your goods without customs brokerage?

To answer these questions, here are a few things you should know.

  1. Customs Brokers Deal With the More Complex Aspects of Importing and Exporting

Reasons You Need a Customs Broker

If you’re a first time importer or exporter in Australia, you might not be aware of this; customs legislation in the country is highly technical.

What’s more, the rules and regulations that govern shipping, importing and exporting in Australia are constantly changing. As such, even people who ship cargo in and out of the country frequently have trouble staying updated on the latest happenings.

Having a customs broker removes the burden of having to deal with customs requirements. More so, you are afforded the opportunity of having the complicated aspects of your cargo shipping sorted.

2. Customs Brokers Facilitate Speedy Release of Cargo

The number of stakeholders and regulations involved in importing and exporting in Australia means that the process could be a lengthy one without assistance from customs brokers.

The experience and expertise of a customs broker comes into play strongly here. Due to their vast understanding of the customs terrain, as well as the extensive network at their disposal, they are able to efficiently speed up the clearance process for you.

This can be a very useful resource for you if time is a factor. Using a broker, it becomes easier to anticipate and eliminate any potential time delays.

3. Customs Brokers Help With Accurate Calculations of Duties Payable

Different goods coming into or leaving the country carry varying customs duties and goods and services tax (GST) levies.

As someone who isn’t very familiar with how this works in Australia, determining what is what might prove a bit challenging for you.

However, having a broker in your corner ensures that you have a competent professional classifying your goods appropriately and in line with the correct tariff code. This is crucial because using the wrong code could cause you to pay more to clear your goods.

4. They Eliminate the Risk of Non-Compliance

When dealing with shipping cargo across the border, there is always the possibility that the cargo you’re bringing in may be non-compliant with new or existing rules.

This is a risk you don’t want to take as the penalties for bringing in such cargo are quite steep. Before it becomes unavoidable, your customs broker would have told you all you need to know to easily avoid this pitfall.

5. Customs Brokers Provide Crucial Customs Clearance Services

By now, you probably already realise just how hectic and cumbersome the entire process of importing and exporting is in the country.

The role a broker plays in alleviating this stress is vital. The services that these brokers offer include but aren’t restricted to;

  • Assistance with appeals,
  • Aid with dispute settlements,
  • Assisting with refund processing,
  • Remission of duties,
  • Drawbacks,
  • Tariff classification services, and so on.

Granted, it might not seem like much at first. However, you might find the entire process tiring, should you choose to embark on it on your own.

As one of leading customs brokers in operation today, we go all out in ensuring that your shipping experience is a truly pleasant one.

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