Are you looking to export produce from Australia to Malaysia (or vice versa)? TSL is a Melbourne-based logistics firm offering an international freight forwarding service. Our top-level range of services covers packing to distribution and customs clearance to international shipping. Our business operations stretch all over Australia, to Asia and beyond. Are you wanting to export to Malaysia by sea or air, and need a reliable agent to do it for you? Look no further than TSL

Why Export To Malaysia?

There many reasons you may decide to export produce from Australia to Malaysia. Malaysia has a population of around 32 million, and over the last few years has experienced rapid increases in development. Construction, railway lines and other infrastructure is being built fast. Increased trading possibilities are therefore presenting themselves for Australians to export goods into Malaysia. TSL provide air and ocean freight services to Malaysia from Australia, with fantastic results every time.

Fact File: Malaysia
Population: 31.9 million
Capital: Kuala Lumpur
Location: South-east Asia (bordered with Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei)
Major imports: Electronic integrated circuits and microassemblies, petroleum oils, smartphones
Major imports from Australia: Metal, coffee, cereals, fruits, pepper, live animals, meat, vegetables, processed foods, tubers, metalliferous ores, metal scrap
Annual imports from Australia: A$4.9 billion
Free Trade Agreement with Australia? Yes, the MAFTA
Major ports: Penang Port, Port Klang, Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Johor Port, Kuantan Port, Bintulu Port and Kemaman Port

Import By Air Australia To Malaysia

Sending your consignment to Malaysia on a plane is by far the quickest way of getting it there. Air imports usually take between one and five days to reach their final destination between these two countries. However, this method is only suitable if your consignment is not too heavy or bulky. It is also more expensive than sending goods via the ocean.

Import By Sea Australia To Malaysia

Shipping produce by sea is the best-value way of exporting goods to Malaysia from Australia. It does take a little longer than air transportation, with ocean shipping times between the two countries usually 12-25 days. TSL can provide ocean freight services to Malaysia at highly competitive prices.

TSL Australia: Experts In Imports and Exports

If you are an Australian importer and exporter looking for a freight forwarding company you can rely on, TSL is here for you. We provide a quick, open and honest service which gets the job done efficiently and effectively. The company was established by a team of individuals who are experts in conducting international transportation services. We are experienced professionals armed with a wealth of knowledge that has been gained over a number of years. Our aim is to transport your goods quickly and efficiently.

We can help you with:

  • Import by air Australia to Malaysia
  • Import by ocean Australia to Malaysia
  • Import by air Malaysia to Australia
  • Import by ocean Australia to Malaysia
  • Export to Malaysia by sea or air
  • Export to Australia by sea or air
  • International freight forwarding worldwide
  • Customs brokerage
  • Storage
  • Distribution
  • First-time customer care
  • Third-party logistics
  • DDU and DDP delivery
  • Value-added services

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