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Are you a business looking to import goods from Malaysia to Australia? Want to make the most of a Free Trade Agreement and ample opportunities for new business ventures? Allow TSL to step in and help. We are a logistics firm based in Melbourne, Australia, offering a comprehensive freight forwarding service all across south-east Asia and beyond. We can organise every aspect of the process for you, all at fantastic prices. Our contacts and connections enable us to secure a top-quality service in sea freight export Malaysia to Australia.

Sea Freight Export Malaysia To Australia

Sending your consignment from Malaysia to Australia by ocean is the cheapest transportation method. Naturally it takes longer than air travel, with shipping from Malaysia to Australia usually taking around 12-25 days. Transit times vary according to a number of factors, for example weather conditions. The type of shipping container will also affect timings: if you choose a private container it will be quicker, as you will not be delayed by other users. With a shared (or consolidated) container, your consignment is at risk of having to wait for other people’s cargo.

Why Send Produce By Ocean?

Ocean shipping is an economical solution for larger shipments, with a particularly high cost effectiveness for consignments that weigh over 120kgs. If you want to import goods from Malaysia into Australia, ocean travel is a great option – especially if your cargo is bulky or heavy. TSL Australia is here to organise all aspects of your sea freight operation for you. We can also provide all associated services such as packing, distribution and warehousing.

Free Trade Deal: Malaysia And Australia

The Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement (MAFTA) means there are no import tariffs for any products coming into Australia from Malaysia. This means you’ll pay NO DUTY for goods you bring into the country from Malaysia. In order for this to apply, you’ll need submit to the Australian Border Force a Certificate of Origin (COO) for your produce on arrival. The COO has to have been issued by the Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). TSL is able to obtain the COO for your shipment if you need us to.

What Can’t I Import from Malaysia to Australia?

Certain exports from Malaysia are restricted by the Australian government, while others are completely prohibited. With restricted items, you will need to obtain written permission in order to be able to import them into Australia. Examples of restricted items are cigarette lighters, certain antibiotics, certain cosmetics, pornography and pesticides. For more information, please click here.

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