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If you are looking to import goods from Malaysia into Australia, shipping by ocean may well be the best option for you. Hundreds of Australian businesses are reaping the benefits of the MAFTA, the free trade agreement between Malaysia and Australia, to bring goods into the country that can then be sold on for a profit.

Ocean Freight Services From Malaysia

TSL provides top-quality ocean freight services from Malaysia and is ready to help your company with every aspect of the process, from packing right through to delivery and distribution.

MAFTA: Free Trade Agreement

Thanks to the Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement (MAFTA), which came into force in January 2013, there are no import tariffs for any products coming into Australia from Malaysia. This means you pay 0% duty for the goods you import into the country from Malaysia, as long as you submit to the Australian Border Force a Certificate of Origin (COO) for your produce. The COO needs to have been issued by the Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). If you need us to, TSL can organise the COO for you.

Shipping From Malaysia To Australia

Australia processes the majority of its freight by sea, which is to be expected from a country that is surrounded by the ocean. There are over 200 ports and shipping container terminals positioned at regular intervals along the country’s coastline. TSL will choose the most appropriate port for depending on your consignment’s final destination and other factors such as cost and time restraints.

Arrival Into Australia From Malaysia

The major ports in Australia are Sydney and Melbourne, but when shipping from Malaysia to Australia you may also receive goods through smaller gateways such as Brisbane, Darwin, Perth and Adelaide. If you have a particular preference of a port you’d like to use, please let TSL know and we can arrange this for you.

Customs Clearance With TSL

When your consignment arrives in Australia, it needs to be cleared by customs. This can take up to two weeks, but it doesn’t need to be this long. The last thing you want as a business is to be delayed by unnecessary bureaucracy. TSL provides a fast and efficient customs clearance service thanks to our many partners in Australia’s ports. We use experienced agents to ensure our clients’ consignments pass through customs quickly and successfully, every time.

Did You Know…?

– Sea freight from Malaysia to Australia takes 12-25 days.
– Malaysia is Australia’s 10th largest trading partner. In spots one, two and three are China, Japan and the US.
– Major exports from Malaysia to Australia are petroleum, electrical/electronic products, metals, machinery, equipment and parts.
– Your consignment will either be shipped in full container loads (FCLs) or less than container loads (LCLs). Please speak to one of our staff members for more information about this, or any aspect of sea freight from Malaysia to Australia.

For more information about how to import goods from Malaysia into Australia, or for any other inquiry, please either contact us by phone or email or click the Contact link below.