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Professional Food Exports

Are you a food producer looking to export food from Australia? TSL can help organise your food exports from Australia with our expert logistics service that covers both sea freight and air freight. We’re an experienced freight forwarder using our extensive global network to help Australian agricultural businesses export food overseas.

Food Exports from Australia

Food exports contribute significantly to Australia’s economy, accounting for 12% of its GDP. Australia exports about two-thirds of the agricultural products it produces and the industry is worth over $50 billion to our nation. Australian food exports are subject to strict safety governance and compliance frameworks. This is to ensure products being exported are of high quality and to maintain the nation’s place in the international food and drinks industry.

Top Food Exports from Australia

The main food item exported from Australia is beef, followed by wheat, meat other than beef, wine, barley and live animals. Other popular foodstuffs that Australia exports are oleaginous fruits (e.g. olives), sugar, honey, fruits and nuts. Do you produce food that you’d like to sell to foreign markets? TSL can help you export food from Australia with our expert food freight forwarding service.

Which Countries Import Australian Foods?

China is the biggest importer of Australian agricultural products, taking around 20% of the total. Japan imports just over 10%, the US imports around 9% while the Republic of Korea and Indonesia each import approximately 7.5%. Other countries importing a significant amount of Australian foods are New Zealand, India and Vietnam.

Restricted Food Exports

Certain foods are described as prescribed goods, which means their export from Australia is controlled. This is to avoid the spread of plant and animal diseases. Prescribed goods may need a customs export declaration, or you might need to register the Export Control Act 1982 states that the following foodstuffs are prescribed goods:

  • Dairy products
  • Eggs and egg products
  • Fish and fish products (not including fish oil for pharmaceutical or manufacturing purposes)
  • Live animals
  • Meat and meat products (not including gelatine or tallow, or meat products with less than 5% meat)
  • Grains (e.g. chickpeas, barley, lentils and oats)
  • Organic produce
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Plants and plant products (including mushrooms and sprouts)

Non-prescribed food items

  • Dried pet food
  • Processed foods
  • Eggs from animals other than chickens (e.g. ducks, emus)
  • Rendered fat, oils and meats
  • Honey

You can find out more about whether the food item you wish to export is prescribed or non-prescribed from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

Food Customs Clearance

When exporting food from Australia, there may also be import requirements and tariffs imposed by the importing country. This will depend on the trade agreement between Australia and that country, as well as the importing country’s importation laws. Some items benefit from export quotas to facilitate trade between Australia and certain countries. To find out whether the foodstuff you’d like to export will be subject to an export quota, please see the Export Quotas page of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

TSL: Professional Food Exports

TSL is an expert right forwarder with well-established links to the top industry suppliers of services in sea freight and air freight from Australia. We have spent several years honing our services and combine expertise with a can-do attitude to ensure we provide a 100% effective logistics service. Whether you need to organise customs clearance or a local transporter for your food exports, we’ll be able to deliver your cargo on time, every time. Click Contact link below on our website if you have any further questions, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.