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Kwinana is a major Australian bulk cargo port which handles a number of bulk commodities including grain, liquid petroleum gas and coal. It is part of Fremantle Harbour, a huge port processing over $3 million worth of trade every hour, contributing significantly to Western Australia’s economy. Fremantle Harbour provides over 8,000 jobs and is considered the key trade gateway for the state.

About Kwinana Harbour(Seaport Code: AUKWI)

Kwinana Port is part of the Port of Fremantle, which takes in two harbours. Fremantle opened in 1897 and handles container trade, RoRo and general cargo. The Outer Harbour at Kwinana began trading much later, in 1955, and processes bulk exports and imports. Kwinana is located around 22km away from the Port of Fremantle, towards the south. For further information about the Ports of Fremantle and Kwinana and for updated news, please see the port authority page.

Port of Kwinana Freight Forwarder: Bulk Cargo

Bulk cargo refers to items that are shipped unpackaged in large quantities, rather than being transported in containers or packages. Bulk material is either in liquid or granular form. It can also be a mass of relatively small solids. Examples of bulk materials are petroleum, crude oil, coal, grain or gravel. Solid bulk cargo is usually dropped straight into a tanker for transportation, while liquid bulk is poured.

Bulk Exports: Sea Freight from Kwinana Port

Items exported overseas in bulk sea freight from Kwinana Port include iron ore (over 3 million tonnes per annum), alumina, wheat, refined petroleum, bauxite, barley, canola seed, spodumene, silica sands and oats.

Bulk Imports: Sea Freight to Kwinana Port

Items imported into Australia as bulk sea freight to Kwinana Port include crude petroleum (over 6.5 million tonnes per annum), caustic soda, cement clinker, sulphur, phosphates, refined petroleum, ammonia, urea and slag residue.

TSL: Professional Port of Kwinana Freight Forwarder

TSL is a Port of Kwinana shipping agent with excellent links with top industry suppliers of services in sea freight from KwinanaPort. Whether you need a Port of Kwinana customs broker or transporter for your company’s shipments to or from Western Australia, we’re fully confident we’ll be able to deliver your cargo safely and on time, every time. We’re a competent Port of Kwinana customs broker with an end-to-end logistics service covering all aspects of sea freight to Kwinana Port.

A Comprehensive Port of Kwinana Shipping Agent

Here at TSL, freight forwarding is the foundation of our business and the sector we know most about. We’re here to arrange Port of Kwinana customs clearance, imports and exports, transportation by road, sea & air, warehousing and distribution – plus more. If you’d like to know more about our range of services, just fill out our Free Freight Review and one of our team will get back to you within 24 hours.