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The Port of Fremantle is a large port in Western Australia which handles a wide range of consignment types. If you need to import or export goods to or from this part of the country, look no further than TSL. We’re a Port of Fremantle shipping agent able to provide you with top-quality services in all things logistics. The port consists of two harbours, Fremantle and Kwinana. At Fremantle, a variety of cargo types are welcomed including container cargo and breakbulk. Kwinana, about 22km towards the south, processes bulk cargo such as grain and petroleum.

About the Port of Fremantle (Seaport Code: AUFRE)

Fremantle is located in the south-west of the Australian state of Western Australia. The port provides around 8,000 jobs, with trade worth $28 billion annually. The port consists of two harbours. The Inner Harbour (Fremantle) processes container trade, motor vehicle imports, livestock exports and other general cargo. It also handles cruise ships and naval vessels.

The Outer Harbour of Fremantle is at Kwinana, a bulk port which handles cargo including grain, liquid petroleum gas, petroleum, fertilisers, mineral sands, alumina, sulphur, coal and iron ore. To find out more about the Port of Fremantle and for updated news about the port, please visit the port authority page.

Container Sea Freight to Fremantle Port

The Port of Fremantle has a huge container capacity, handling practically all the container trade for the state of Western Australia. Each month, over 35,000 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) are imported through Fremantle Harbour, with around the same number exported. This number is increasing monthly. The term TEU refers to the standard size of shipping containers, which is 8ft X 8.5ft X 20ft.

Fremantle’s top 10 container trading partners are China, Australia and Japan. The top three items being imported through the port in containers are metal, furniture and chemicals, while the top three items exported this way are hay/chaff/fodder, waste paper and scrap metals.

TSL: Container Shipping Agents

If you choose to ship your produce through the Port of Fremantle in a shipping container, your Port of Fremantle freight forwarder will be able to arrange hire for you. Whether you are an individual wanting to bring furniture and household possessions into Australia, or a small business keen to expand your market overseas, TSL is here to help out as a reliable Port of Fremantle freight forwarder you can put your full trust in.

Breakbulk Sea Freight from Fremantle Port

Breakbulk refers to cargo that is loaded individually onto a vessel for export or import, rather than being placed into a shipping container. Breakbulk cargo is the bulky, tall items – the huge pieces of machinery, the vehicles and the motor homes. The top three items imported into Australia through Fremantle Harbour as breakbulk cargo are motor vehicles, iron & steel products and industrial & agricultural vehicles. For breakbulk exports through this port, the top three items are scrap metals, sheep and ammonium nitrate.

TSL: Professional Port of Fremantle Shipping Agents

If you’re looking for a Port of Fremantle customs broker or local transporter to help you with exports and imports, you can count on us. TSL is a Port of Fremantle shipping agent with excellent links with top industry suppliers of services in sea freight from Fremantle Port. Whether you need a Port of Fremantle customs broker or a logistics specialist to handle another aspect of your freight forwarding operation, we’re 100% confident we can help deliver your cargo on time, every time. Our end-to-end logistics service covers all aspects of sea freight to Fremantle Port.