Melbourne Logistics Company


TSL Australia was established by a team of experts in international transportation services. We’re not just any freight forwarders – we are experienced professionals working with a wealth of knowledge gained over the years of transport companies in Australia. We have one aim: to transport goods quickly and efficiently. Our experience is a product of many years’ direct operational involvement in, freight forwarding throughout Australia, China, south-east Asia, Europe and America. We understand the need of international logistics companies in Australia required by today’s global business environment, and offer an effective, customer-led service to meet this need.


We are located in Melbourne, but our services are by no means limited to this area. Thanks to a network of top-quality, thoroughly-vetted agency partners, we have developed speciality services that are adaptable to individual customer requirements for both import and export movements. This includes high-frequency ocean and air services from China, Hong Kong, India and south-east Asia, plus all other established worldwide and emerging markets.


Our logistics companies in Melbourne are a market leader in all aspects of international freight forwarding, customs brokerage, logistics, warehousing and delivery. We provide with International Logistics companies in Melbourne too. We offer a defined flow of movement from purchase order follow-up to forwarding, clearance and delivery, combined with a simplified billing process. For your peace of mind, all our departments are staffed with well-trained professionals operating within the guidelines of our mission statement.


What sets TSL apart from other Melbourne freight forwarders is that our customers include some of Australia’s leading companies, who make and transport products that are household names. This is because we have gained the trust of companies who really rely on a reliable, effective service. Our service includes useful, professional advice on any customs, import or export-related issues. We welcome your enquiries and look forward to hearing from you.

Our Focus

We make the effort to understand your business and needs, and consider communication to be an essential tool. We won’t proceed until all parties involved are fully satisfied.
We provide our best service every time, so that you can count on us to deliver.
We believe that prevention is better than cure. Thanks to years of experience, we are skilled in predicting challenges and finding timely solutions to any issues that may arise.
We genuinely care about the success of your company. We will add the value that you need to help you progress to the next step on your business journey.
We understand that the markets flex and technology advances rapidly. We strive to move and grow with these factors, offering up-to-date, modern and adaptable services at all times.
If we can’t help you, we won’t pretend we can. Instead, we’ll help you find someone who is able to meet your requirements, so that you can move forward.


We are committed to providing cost effective, time sensitive freight forwarding services, Customs clearance and delivery options as per our customers' requirements.