How to Ship My Car Overseas – The TSL Australia Walkthrough!

How to Ship My Car Overseas – The TSL Australia Walkthrough!

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Overseas Car Shipping

As one of the leading international car shipping Australia companies in operation today, we are able to provide valuable insight into how to ship a car with little stress. Car shipping can get very complicated, especially if it’s something you need to do in a hurry.

Everything you Need to Know About Shipping your Car Overseas

There’s no disputing the fact that a lot of time, effort and logistics goes into transporting your motor vehicle to anywhere in the world you want. Still, knowing how your car is shipped can not only put your mind at ease, it can help you better understand the car shipping cost.

To ship your car overseas, the first and most important decision you have to make is your choice of car shipping company. There are several car shipping companies. However, TSL Australia always stands out.

The main reason for this is the vast depths of experience we’ve been able to gather over the years of shipping cars by sea, land and even air. We pay close attention to the demands of our clients and so we understand not just what you want in an international car shipping company, but also what you need.

Our ethics and driving principles is what makes the best voice to listen to when you want to know how to ship my car overseas.

After making a decision on the car shipping company to use other things like how much to ship a car and car shipping costs begin to become relevant concerns.

With car shipping Australia, all transportation variables are deeply intertwined. This is why we always help our clients understand all that goes into shipping your car fully. This is because when you do, you are better able to analyze how much does it cost to have a car shipped.

Some factors that influence car shipping costs and how much would it cost to have a car shipped include:

Your Choice of Car Delivery Method

This is a huge factor in determining how much does it cost to have a car shipped. You have two options in how to ship your car overseas. Your car shipping cost will vary, depending on which style you choose to use to ship your car. They are,

  • Depot-to-Depot Car Shipping

This is without a doubt your cheapest car shipping option. When you choose this method as how to ship your car, your motor vehicle is dropped off at a specific terminal location.

Once there, you then need to make arrangements to move it to another designated point. While it is definitely the more affordable car shipping Australia option, the downside to using it is that it takes a little longer for your delivery to arrive.

  • Doorstep Delivery Car Shipping

Here, your motor vehicle is picked up from your place/preferred location anywhere in the world and delivered at the doorstep of your final destination.

Two major benefits of this mode of motor vehicle delivery is,

  1. When shipping your car overseas, you do not need to check on the progress of your car shipping, if you don’t want to. This is because we take care of every single detail from start to finish.
  2. This car shipping method fosters and prioritizes your convenience. It’s also great for custom or fast-tracked deliveries.

However, owing to the fact that it is more resource-consuming to effectively execute, this car shipping delivery option tends to be a little more expensive than the former.

Your Choice of Car Shipping Delivery Truck

Similar to the first factor discussed, how much it would cost to have a car shipped is also influenced by exactly how you want the car delivered. Two common methods are the,

  • Enclosed car motor vehicle shipping, and
  • Open car motor vehicle shipping

Enclosed transport for your car shipping can be more resource-consuming owing to the fact that it can’t carry many vehicles at the same time. Consequently, delivery price might go up. The tradeoff is that it is the best delivery method for a classic or exotic car. The enclosed spacing gives the car premium car shipping service, protecting it from even the actions of the elements.

Alternatively, open car deliveries make a great choice because there’s ample space so multiple vehicles are easily transported. Car shipping cost is reduced as a result because there are more automobiles being shipped.

Due to the larger number of deliveries that need to be made in this case, time frames for drop-offs are a little more lax.

You should note that when shipping cars by sea, the transportation options available differ slightly. However, with TSL Australia, you can always rest assured your vehicle is getting optimal treatment from devoted personnel.

Shipping Your Car Overseas: How to Prepare your Vehicle for the Journey

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