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Heavy Haulage in Portland

Need to arrange heavy haulage in Portland? Allow TSL Australia to be of assistance. We’re an experienced Melbourne-based logistics company with decades of expertise under our belts. We can help you transport your goods for a fantastic price – no matter where you need them to be. Our teams have strong professional relationships with some of best heavy haulage companies operating in Australia today. If you’re in Victoria and need to arrange heavy transport in Portland or any other part of the state or country, get in touch. We can get your items across the country safely and with zero delays.

Portland Heavy Haulage

We’re proud of our heavy haulage service here at TSL. We are experts in arranging road transportation for breakbulk cargo, large equipment, materials and vehicles. Whether you need a single large item moved 100km or a huge consignment shifted 400km, we can help out. Our experts can arrange the swift and effective transportation of items. The type of cargo we deal with includes boats (including yachts), railway carriages, earth-moving equipment, generator units, pressure vehicles, shipping containers, dump trucks, portable buildings, agricultural machinery, mining equipment and cranes.

Portland Heavy Transport Vehicles

Curtainsiders trucks are often used to shift large loads across Australia, but for heavy haulage purposes these vehicles just aren’t big or sturdy enough. For oversize items and larger deliveries, TSL calls in a more capable vehicle. These are some of the dedicated trucks and lorries used in the heavy transport industry:
Rigid lorries are made with up to five axles and a single rigid chassis. These vehicles are often used to transport dry goods such as toilet paper and shipping containers. They are best suited to well-maintained roads.
Flat-bed lorries are rigid trucks used with flat trailers. This type of vehicle is often used to transport large, bulky items such as concrete pipes and water tanks. Often the goods are blocked or lashed to keep them stable during transit.
Articulated lorries consist of a front unit and a trailer joined together. This flexibility means they’re often used for excessively large loads. These vehicles perform well on sites with different surface types such as dirt roads or gravel quarries.
Side-loaders enable easier loading and unloading because they allow goods to be placed on the vehicle sideways on. This makes it easier to balance out the load and means better use can be made of the space available in the truck.
Low-loaders (sometimes called lowboy trailers) sit lower on the road than standard trailers which gives extra height, enabling the carriage of taller items such as industrial equipment.
Prime movers are heavy-duty towing engines that are designed to haul trailered loads.

Vehicles often feature extra facilities such as lockdown ramps, toolboxes, fuel-saving features, spring or airbag suspension and skid plates. These contribute to enhanced safety and performance. For the most part, the vehicles used by TSL Australia are also listed under Australia’s NHVAS (National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme).

Equipment Used for Portland Heavy Haulage

As well as the vehicles themselves, we use various pieces of equipment to handle and transport your cargo:

Forklifts are small industrial trucks used to shift small pieces of cargo, for example, boxes containing dry goods, over short distances. We also may use forklifts for loading and unloading goods to and from vehicles.
Cranes are used to lift items that cannot be rolled on and off the transportation vehicle.
Platform/flat-bed trailers can be attached to the back of articulated trucks or prime movers to transport heavy loads or equipment. If necessary, the cargo is secured with ropes and/or sheets. Trailers can usually be loaded and unloaded from the sides.
Jinkers and dollies are trailer extensions which are added to the main vehicle in order to help distribute the load and maximise weight-lifting capacity. Jinkers are typically used for log transportation.