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Heavy Haulage in Port Hedland

Looking for a Port Hedland heavy transport company to shift items that are tall, heavy or oversize? Look to us for all your heavy haulage needs. We help businesses across Australia with our domestic transport services. Our clients operate in a range of industries including renewable energy, manufacturing and mining. Our top-quality service covers heavy transport in Port Hedland, throughout Western Australia and in the wider national zone.

So What is Heavy Haulage?

Heavy haulage is transporting large materials, equipment or goods by road. TSL helps companies shift cargo including car carriers, yachts, earth-moving equipment, pressure vessels, agriculture machinery and cranes. We usually use specialised lorries to carry out heavy haulage in Port Hedland. These vehicles are ultra-strong and have features which enable them to safely carry larger sizes of stock and machinery that is oversize, high or awkward. Some of our vehicles can be steered from the back – this ensures safety when they reach high speeds and turn corners.

Types of Heavy Haulage Cargo

As part of its Port Hedland heavy haulage service, TSL transports a wide variety of heavy cargo including portable buildings, shipping containers, generator units, railway carriages, cranes and dump trucks.

Port Hedland Heavy Transport Vehicles

Rigid truck: A lorry with at least two (and up to five) axles fitted to the frame. Used to transport large items across well-maintained roads.
Articulated truck: Flexible and able to handle rougher roads due to a pivot joint which allows sharper turns.
Flat-bed truck:
A rigid lorry with a flat trailer. Often used for transporting large, bulky items such as concrete pipes or steel girders. Cargo may be contained within blocks or lashed to impede movement during transit.
Can be loaded from the side, making it easier when there’s limited space. This means the truck doesn’t have to turn around and won’t block the road.
Low-loader: Semi-trailer with two drops in the deck height. Used to accommodate taller loads such as heavy equipment such as bulldozers.
Prime mover: Heavy-duty towing engine designed to haul trailered loads.

For your peace of mind, most the we use for heavy haulage in Port Hedland have been accredited under the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS).

Port Hedland Heavy Haulage Equipment

As well as the vehicles, we use various pieces of equipment to help us carry out heavy transport in Port Hedland.

Forklifts: Small industrial trucks used to shift small pieces of cargo. Also used to load and unload goods to and from larger vehicles.
Used to lift loads which cannot be rolled on and off the transportation vehicle.
Platform/flat-bed trailers: Often attached to the back of prime movers or articulated trucks to transport loads or equipment. Can usually be loaded and unloaded from the sides.
Jinkers and Dollies: Added to a principle vehicle to distribute the load and maximise weight-lifting capacity. Jinkers are often used in log transportation.

Rail, Road and Sea Connections

As a top Melbourne freight forwarder, TSL helps businesses transport loads by road for imports overseas and exports into Australia. If your company carries out imports or exports, check out our customs clearance and warehousing delivery services. Need to shift a bulk consignment to Port Hedland Port for transportation to New Zealand or Asia? We can cover the whole operation for you. We understand the full range of logistics services required by today’s global business environment, and offer an effective, customer-led service to meet this need.