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Need to send a consignment of goods from Australia to Thailand? Shipping cargo via the ocean is the best-value way of transporting goods to this huge Southeast Asian country. If you’re a business wanting to export goods to Thailand, you’ll need to find a freight forwarder whose service you fully trust. That is where TSL comes in. We provide a fully comprehensive service covering both air and sea freight between these countries. You can rely on us to get your goods the 6,000km-plus from Australia to Thailand safely, quickly – and for a fantastic price.

Thailand: The Facts

Thailand’s population is approaching 69.2 million, and the upper middle class is growing – it already accounts for a quarter of the population of Thailand. In general, the countries in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) have growing younger populations and increasing members of the middle classes and consuming classes. This leads to bigger opportunities for Australians hoping to export goods to the Thai market, as there’s an increased thirst for the products our country has to offer.

Free Trade Agreements

Great news – Thailand is part of two economic partnership agreements with Australia. Firstly, there’s the AANZFTA, the free trade agreement between Australia/New Zealand and the ASEAN countries which entered into force in 2010. This means goods coming into Thailand benefit from preferential import tariffs, which are sometimes as little as 0%. There’s also the TAFTA, the Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement, which came into force in 2005.

Sea Freight Services to Thailand

With TSL, exporting to Thailand by sea from Australia takes between 18 and 30 days. Transportation time depends on the following factors:

• Port of departure/arrival: Shipping from Sydney or another port in southern Australia will take longer than if your consignment leaves from a port in the north, simply because there is more water to cover.

• Container type: Cargo in a private container will arrive into Thailand more quickly than if it’s travelling in shared container loads. This is because hiring private container loads, or full container loads (FCLs), will mean your cargo is subject to fewer delays than if you send your goods in less than container loads (LCLs).

• Cargo type: Certain items will be subject to stricter and lengthier customs checks on arrival into Thailand.

• Weather conditions: These may affect the vessel’s departure from Australia, its progression out at sea and its arrival into Thailand.

Sea Freight Services to Thailand

TSL can organise all aspects of your sea freight operation on your behalf. Our services include everything associated with freight forwarding, including packing, inland travel, customs clearance, warehousing/storage and distribution both in Australia and Thailand. If you need to export to Thailand by sea and would like to know more about sea freight services to Thailand with TSL Australia, please get in touch on our website or by giving us a call.