Exporting good overseas is a great way of opening up your business to new markets. It’s a wise move for so many reasons: it reduces dependence on the Australian market and therefore spreads risk. It can also make your business stronger and more competitive. If you’re an Australian company seeking new overseas markets, consider Malaysia for your exports. TSL can take care of every aspect of freight forwarding Malaysia-Australia for you, from packing through to distribution. We look forward to working with you.

Why Export To Malaysia?

There are many benefits of choosing to export to Malaysia from Australia. This southeast Asian country has a population of around 32 million, and in the last few years has seen rapid increases in growth and development. Construction, railway lines and other infrastructure is increasing fast, and growth is solid. This means more trading possibilities are springing up for Australians to export goods to Malaysia.

Fact File
Malaysia population: 31.9 million
Malaysia location: South-east Asia
Malaysia capital: Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia border countries: Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei
Malaysia major ports: Port Klang, Johor Port, Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Kuantan Port, Penang Port, Bintulu Port and Kemaman Port
Malaysia imports of goods: Electronic integrated circuits and microassemblies, petroleum oils, smartphones
Malaysia imports from Australia: Metal, cereals, coffee, fruits, live animals, meat, pepper, vegetables, tubers, metalliferous ores, metal scrap, processed foods
Malaysia total annual imports from Australia: A$4.9 billion
Malaysia Free Trade Agreement with Australia? Yes


Free Trade Agreement: Export To Malaysia

Trade between Australia and Malaysia was given a huge boost on January 2013 when the MAFTA (the Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement) came into force. This was a huge milestone in the trade between these two countries. It has improved Malaysia imports of goods because it means that nearly all Australian goods exported into Malaysia benefit from tariff-free access. The full document can be viewed here.

If you’re not sure if the goods you wish to export to Malaysia come under the Free Trade Agreement, you can click here to search your item on the Australian Government’s Free Trade Agreement Portal. To find out more about how MAFTA can be used to import and export produce between Australia and Malaysia, please click here.

Doing Business In Malaysia

Malaysia is ethnically diverse, with its population made up of Malays, Chinese and Indians. This means business is carried out in similar ways to how things work with countries such as China, India and Indonesia. English is the main language for business too, meaning it is straightforward for Australians to communicate with Malaysians.

Freight Forwarding Malaysia

TSL excels in all services in freight forwarding Malaysia-Australia and vice versa. If you are looking to export goods to Malaysia, we can assist with every step of the process. This includes all aspects of freight forwarding, such as customs clearance at the border. It also takes in any peripheral services should you need them, including packing, distribution and storage. We can also take charge of any individual aspect of the freight forwarding process if you already have a provider you feel comfortable working with. To find out more about our services, please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.