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Why do I Need a Customs Broker

When importing cargo into Australia, many people and establishments often find themselves asking this very crucial question; why do I need a customs broker?

On one hand, the law does not require you to have a licensed customs broker to bring goods into the country. In addition to this, there’s nothing that a customs broker can do that you can’t essentially handle, right? If this is so, why waste valuable resources on enlisting the aid of a customs broker?

To start with, even though no law mandates that you use a customs broker when dealing with customs clearance, having one in your employment is always guaranteed to pay off for you in the long run.

The primary reason for this is because importing goods and services into Australia is very serious business. In fact, it allows almost no room for error at all.

As an importer, attempting to bring in goods without the aid of a customs broker means that you have to personally deal with and wad through a maze of highly complex customs clearance rules and regulations. Keep in mind that a single mistake here could lead to your goods being delayed extensively by Customs or even turned around all together, in extreme cases.

More than anything, this is why you need a broker.

Who is a Customs Broker

At its core, a customs broker can be described as an individual or firm that has been certified and licensed by the Australian government in matters relating to customs clearance.

These individuals and/or entities possess extensive knowledge where importing and exporting is concerned. In addition to this wealth of knowledge, they have experience in the field. This is what helps them operate a vast network capable of ensuring that your cargo gets through Customs and straight to you in the shortest time frame possible.

This might seem like no great deal to you, initially, but in the thick of it all, you’ll certainly be glad you took the time and effort to secure licensed customs brokerage services.

What Exactly does a Customs Broker do For You

Due to the fact that the services of a licensed broker don’t come free, many people often want to be as clear as possible on the exact duties of a customs broker. Through this, they try to determine whether or not getting one is worth the effort and by extension, the expenses.

The services that a broker will offer you are vast and varied. In many instances, you wouldn’t even be able to identify a specific duty as the responsibility of your broker until it comes up, and they execute it for you effortlessly.

That said, there are a few fundamental functions you can expect any broker to carry out for you. These include;

  • Properly handling the reception of your goods,
  • Making the arrangements for every necessary inspection your goods might require,
  • Attending to and effecting the prompt submission of every relevant document,
  • Where necessary, liaising with local authorities to anticipate and eliminate any possible complications to the delivery of your wares, and
  • Bringing your cargo to you, after it has been cleared by all necessary quarters.

The simple truth remains that these personnel are simply indispensable when it comes to getting cargo into Australia.

So whenever you’re ready, you can look up one of the best freight shipping companies and brokerages in operation today and discuss whatever you need in detail.