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What is a Customs Broker

No matter what country you’re conducting an importing or exporting shipments from, you’re bound to encounter different facets to this particular activity.

Now, while some people opt to push through these challenges and handle matters by themselves, others choose to leave such delicate affairs in the hands of competent professionals.

It isn’t that handling your import business from start to finish all by yourself is a bad idea; that’s actually good for you! However, doing something like this, especially without prior knowledge and experience in the field tends to open you to making mistakes you might have been able to easily avoid.

The thing with import is, once an error occurs, things could get seriously complicated. At the very least, you could end up delaying your cargo at Customs for days or even weeks!

This mightn’t mean much to you if all you’re shipping in is a personal effect or two. The same can’t be said if you’re importing materials that are essential to your business.

Having a customs broker drastically reduces the chances of such mishaps occurring. So, what exactly is a customs agent, and why are you actually better off with one?

What is Customs Clearance

To fully understand the importance and relevance of a customs agent, you must first know what terrain it is they act on and see how that affects you.

Customs clearance is basically the process by which goods and services seeking entry into the country are granted such access after it has been determined that they sufficiently meet the standards set by the country.

Without gaining access through customs, your goods cannot be allowed into Australia for consumption.

Knowing what is customs clearance is highly relevant here because it is one of the most pivotal ways in which a customs broker serves you.

How do Customs Brokers Work?

The first thing you need to know here is that not just anyone can be a customs agent. By extension, not everyone can do what a customs broker does.

In a lot of ways, the answer to how do customs brokers work is entirely dependent on the task you have at hand.

While it is always advisable (and strongly recommended) that you enlist the aid of a customs agent from the very beginning, it is not an absolute must. As such, you could hire on an agent at any phase of the importing process.

If you hire an agent from the very beginning, then you have the opportunity of having them handle everything from the freight shipping method you employ to the route of entry of your cargo into the country.

Similarly, if you get the services of a brokerage firm only when your cargo gets stuck in customs, the firm or individual could work you through the necessary process to ensure the easy and speedy release of your wares.

Do I Need a Customs Broker in Australia?

  • How well do you understand the process of importing goods and services into the country?
  • Do you know all you need to know about customs duty and GST?
  • Are you going to be able to efficiently handle getting the right documents to clear your cargo in time?
  • How conversant are you with the rules and regulations guiding import cargo in Australia?

The answers that you provide to these questions are ultimately what determine whether you require the services of a brokerage firm or individual.

Critically asking yourself; do I need a customs broker Australia or when do I need a customs broker is very important.

As a matter of fact, the earlier you ask yourself these questions the better you are able to plan how you prepare for receiving your cargo.

If you find yourself asking the question; when do I need a customs broker, then our answer for you is; at the beginning of your import process. The input of a customs agent can be invaluable in helping you get off on the right foot.

This is because the agent helps you fine tune your shipping process and make it complication-free.

How to Get a Customs Broker?

The process of how to get a customs broker in Australia is remarkably simple. In fact, you might not even have to jump any hurdles to do so. All you have to do is pick the right freight shipping company.

With the right shipping company your cargo doesn’t only get where it needs to be at the perfect time, you get the benefit of a reliable and complete team.

Shipping agents like TSL Australia possess a complete logistics team that carries a customs agent, among many other personnel to ensure your cargo gets to you without worry.