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TSL guide To Importing Goods To Australia

Importing into Australia

When it comes to importing into Australia, making yourself as familiar as you can with the various laws and requirements involved in the process can prove very valuable.

Whether you’re bringing in one or more of Australia main imports or you’re importing items a bit more exotic, certain factors do not change.

A few of these things include, but aren’t restricted to duties, trade descriptions and labeling your imported goods. These are discussed more comprehensively below.

Requirements For Importing Goods Into Australia

Whether you’re an individual or an import company, you are under no legal requirement or obligation to carry an import license when importing into Australia.

Keep in mind though that in a few cases, you may need to obtain an import permit Australia before you’ll be able to bring in certain goods into the country. Whether you need this permit is dependent on the nature of the goods, not its value. As such, only specialized products will require you obtain a permit to clear customs.

When shipping goods into the country, you are required by law to accurately label said products. In some cases, when importing goods that require a trade description, your labeling must encompass details like the origin country where the item was produced, and where required, a true description of the item.

Not all goods are permitted free entry into Australia. There are certain items classified as Prohibited Goods. Luckily, if you meet certain preset standards and qualifications, you may be given the opportunity to bring in some of these prohibited goods after obtaining a written permission.

However, certain goods fall under absolute prohibition, meaning that the law doesn’t grant them access into Australia for any reason. As it is your responsibility to ensure that all your goods fall within acceptable parameters of the law, be sure you know all you need to know about prohibited cargo for import.

Import Duties Australia

While payment of many other levies where importing is considered may not be applicable to all products, that is not the case where import duty Australia is concerned.

There are import duty rates for every product being shipped into the country. As such, every goods imported has an import duty Australia that must be paid before you can get your goods.

As a rule, import duty Australia is usually calculated through the process of goods classification according to the Custom Tariff in addition to the applicability of certain concessions.

In a few cases, the import duty rates Australia usually requires you pay may be as little as zero. However, what you most often encounter is the duty payable on imported goods Australia ranging from 5% to 10%.

So when next you wonder, “How much import duty will I pay in Australia?”, you should have a general idea now.

Another way to easily determine the duty payable on imported goods Australia is to use our standard customs import duty calculator Australia.

What Entry Costs Can I Expect in Australia?

Putting aside the duty payable on imported goods Australia, you will also be expected to pay certain entry costs on every article shipped into the country.

Here is a guideline on the various fees and levies the Australian Border Force expects each importer to pay on every declaration.

Do I Need an Australian Business Number to Import?

Yes and No.

While every foreign import company on Australian soil must possess an Australian Business Number (ABN) before they can legally import, that rule doesn’t apply to native import companies.

However, we at TSL Australia strongly encourage all our clients, foreign and native to get an ABN as you can use this to enjoy several benefits such as,

  • Claiming import tax credits, and
  • Accessing the GST referral program.

What are Import Concessions?

Concession helps with import tax Australia. In instances where you or your goods meet certain requirements, you become eligible to get certain concessions. You can find out all about the requirements and concessions granted here.

Many of these concessions can do much to improve what you pay as duty on imported goods Australia.

Another way you can get concessions for your goods is if you are awarded a Tariff Concession Order. You can find out all you need to know about that here.

Are Trade Descriptions Important for Import to Australia?

The Australia Border Force doesn’t demand a trade description for every import. However, there are specific goods that are required to carry them.

There are very serious consequences when a product that should carry a trade description doesn’t or doesn’t hold the necessary information in the right order or format.

Trade descriptions by law must fulfill certain labeling requirements.

The TSL Australia Touch – Australia Main Imports Made Easy

There is an easy, fast and reliable way for you not to worry about details like, “Do I need a license to import goods into Australia”, “How much is import tax Australia” or “How much import duty will I pay in Australia”.

While it’s certainly true you can’t go wrong with this information, you need a partner to help smoothen the entire process of importing from China to Australia or any other country for you.

Using TSL Australia, you never have to worry about minor details like Import Permit Australia or even import license Australia.

Our state-of-the-art customs import duty calculator Australia provides relevant estimates you can rely on to determine duty on imported goods Australia.

We know that when it comes to importing, the two most important things to you are cost and speed. That is why we not only tell you all you need to know to clear customs with ease, we also provide you the most cost effective import duty rates Australia has to offer today.