TSL: Air And Sea Freight To And From China

TSL: Air And Sea Freight To And From China

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Did you know that trade between Australia and China is worth over two billion dollars? Yes, 2018 there was AU$193 billion in merchandise trade between the two countries, and AU$21.5 billion in services trade. Perhaps you are a Chinese or Australian importer and exporter wanting to transport goods between these two countries. If you need to organise air or sea freight to and from China, TSL is here to help you out. We can provide a comprehensive freight forwarding service covering everything from packing to distribution, and from third-party logistics to warehousing and storage. We’ll ensure your goods arrive at their required destination in China for a fantastic price – and with minimal fuss.

TSL can help with the following operations:

Imports by air or sea – Australia -> China
Imports by air or sea – China -> Australia

China: fact file
Capital: Beijing
Population: 1.4 billion
Major ports: Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo-Zhoushan, Guangzhou
Top import countries: Republic of Korea, Japan, Taiwan (Australia 6th)
Top export countries: United States, Hong Kong and Japan (Australia is 13th)
Top goods imports from Australia: Iron ores & concentrates, coal and natural gas
Top goods exports to Australia: Telecommunication equipment, computers and furniture & homeware
Yearly goods trade with Australia: $193 billion
Yearly services trade with Australia: AU$21.5 billion
Free Trade Agreement with Australia?: Yes, the ChAFTA.

Import By Air: Australia To China (And Vice Versa)

If you want to export Australian goods into China or Chinese goods into Australia, you’ll need to decide whether it makes more sense to transport items using sea or air freight. Transporting goods by plane is by far the quickest method of transportation. It will typically take 1-5 days.
Air freight is the logical choice if your consignment is not too bulky or heavy, and if your budget is big enough for air transportation. To know more about imports by air from Australia to China or from China with TSL, please get in touch via our website or by telephone.

Import By Sea: Australia To China (And Vice Versa)

Organising sea freight to and from China is the best bet if you are not limited for time, if your consignment is heavy or bulky and if you are wanting to keep freight forwarding costs low. Shipping from Australia to China takes between 18 and 35 days, depending on a number of factors such as start and end points, the type of shipping container you hire and weather conditions. Here are the transit times you can expect for sea freight to and from China with TSL:
North China: 20-35 days
South China: 20-30 days
East China: 18-25 days

Fees And Tariffs

Exporting to China has been made a lot easier in recent years thanks to the ChAFTA (China-Australia Free Trade Agreement) which came into force in 2015. This pact has led to increasingly preferential rates for Australian companies wanting to carry out imports and exports between Australia and China. Many items can be transported between these countries tariff-free thanks to the agreement.
If you’re a Chinese or Australian importer and exporter, you can find out more about the tariff you will pay when importing goods into China from Australia by using the Australian Government’s Free Trade Agreement Portal.

TSL’s Quick Tips For Doing Business In China

  • Digital communication is very important for carrying out business in China. WeChat, with over 1 billion users, is the main platform used.
  • The Chinese currency is the Yuan, which you’ll see expressed in two ways: CNH and CNY. CNH refers to trade on the offshore market, so outside of mainland China. This is the one you will be using as an Australian business.
  • It takes a while to build up business relationship with the Chinese. To get started, using a neutral intermediary is a good idea. To find out more about TSL’s services, Click Contact link below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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