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Townsville Port

Townsville Port (AUTSV) is the largest container and general cargo port in Northern Australia. Its eight berths handle goods from the agricultural, industrial and retail sectors with cargo of many types including containerised, dry bulk, wet bulk and breakbulk. If you’re looking to carry out exports or imports through this state, you’ll need to work with a dependable Port of Townsville freight forwarder. TSL is a Port of Townsville shipping agent who can organise freight forwarding operations through the Port of Townsville on your behalf. Townsville Port plans to treble trade over the next three decades – will you be part of this expansion and export or import your goods through the Port of Townsville?

About Townsville Port (AUTSV)

The Port of Townsville is about 1,300km north of Brisbane in Queensland. It’s a cornerstone to the North Queensland economy and handles over 30 different commodity types including mineral ores, fertiliser and motor vehicles. The port also accommodates vessels from the Australian and US Navies as well as cruise ships.

Imports and Exports Through Townsville Port

Trade at the Port of Townsville began back in 1864. It has since expanded to become Australia’s leading exporter of lead, zinc, sugar, molasses and fertiliser. Other exports include agricultural products from North Queensland farmers and minerals from nearby mining companies. Imports through Townsville Port include everyday items like furniture and electrical goods, as well as commodities like fuel and gas.If you’re hoping to transport goods through this port, make sure you recruit a reliable Port of Townsville customs broker to ensure your items pass through the Australian border with no hiccups.

BulkSea Freight from Townsville Port

Bulk cargo refers to items that are exported or imported in large quantities without being put into packages or containers. Bulk cargo is either in the form of a liquid, a grain or a mass of small solids. Examples of bulk cargo are petroleum, coal, crude oil, grain and gravel. Bulk cargo is typically dropped into a merchant ship(applies to solids, also called dry bulk) or poured (applies to liquids, also called wet bulk).

Breakbulk Sea Freight to Townsville Port

Breakbulk refers to cargo that’s loaded individually onto a vessel. It may be driven or towed via a ramp to a RoRovessel, or placed into boxes, drums, crates, bags or barrels to be lifted on. Breakbulk cargo is typically tall, bulky objects such as agricultural machinery, vehicles and motor homes.

RoRo Sea Freight from Townsville Port

The Port of Townsville’s purpose-built RoRofacility was constructed in 2017 in preparation for a $50 million project cargo import. With RoRo, cargo is driven or rolled onto the vessel. Cargo enters the vessel via a ramp and before being securely fastened for transportation. When the ship arrives at its destination, the cargo can then be rolled off again.

TSL: Professional Townsville Port Shipping Agents

If you are looking for a Port of Townsville customs broker or transporter for your imports or exports, TSL is ready to help. As a Port of Townsville shipping agent, we have strong links with first-rate industry providers of services in sea freight from Townsville Port. We also have the confidence and ability to be able to deliver your precious goods on time, every time – and we know just how important this guarantee is for your business. Our end-to-end logistics service covers all aspects of sea freight to Townsville Port.

Further Information

You’ll find further information about the Port of Townsville on this website. If you’d like to discuss TSL’s services as a Port of Townsville freight forwarder, please get in touch by calling us or Click Contact link below we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.