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Want to import products from USA? TSL is on hand to organise freight forwarding on your behalf. Bringing merchandise into Australia from USA is big business, with incoming trade from this North American country worth a huge AU$ 34 billion per year in 2018-19. TSL can help you have a slice of the cake with our expert logistics service. We offer high-quality services in sea and shipping from USA to Australia. Our offerings cover all links in the logistics chain – including pick-up, packing, warehousing, heavy haulage, customs clearance – and much more.

Import Products From USA Into Australia

Passenger motor vehicles are the number one import from the USA to Australia. The USA is one of the world’s largest producers of automobiles, with huge companies such as General Motors, Fiat Chrysler and Ford Motor Company exporting to over 200 markets globally. Around 17.2 million units were sold in 2019.

Australia also imports a high number of aircraft, spacecraft & parts from the USA. Pharmaceutical products were the third largest USA export arriving in Australia at the time of writing, with the USA taking almost half of the global revenue for such products. It’s not all huge multinational companies though – USA is home to some of the most successful startups, meaning it’s also a great country for smaller businesses to do business with.

Import Customs From USA

The Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) came into force in 2005. This deal removed most tariffs on trade between the two countries, creating significantly more opportunities for exporting from USA – in fact, two-way investment between the United States and Australia has almost tripled since the agreement was put in place. All goods entering Australia from abroad have certain taxes and duties attached to them, such as the 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on all imports required by the Australian government. Some importers will be eligible for certain refunds and concession schemes which apply to particular types of goods. You may also benefit from exemptions, for example